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The tale of: Jessica Peris

She’s recently upgraded from her home studio to a gorgeous brick and mortar salon complete with a giant floral wall and rose quartz basin that has the majority of Canberra lusting…

Jessica Peris is a well-known and extremely talented make-up artist and nail art extraordinaire who has worked hard to get where she is today.


With a curated menu of services and products aimed to give people a five-star luxurious experience, we just had to find out more about this powerhouse and how it all came together.

How long have you been in the beauty industry?

I became professionally qualified in 2011.

When did you decide you wanted your own commercial space?

Since studying, it’s always been a “twinkle in my eye”, but my end goal back then was to work from a home studio full time. When this ended up happening quicker than expected, I started to outgrow the space – physically and mentally. It was in early 2015 that I actively began looking for spaces and started hiring staff to get to where I wanted to be next.

What went into the design process? Was it all your own vision or did you enlist the help of professionals?

Initially, I tried to draw up plans myself, which ended up being a huge nightmare! I’ve always had a vision of what I wanted and an overall feel, but decided to contact the Dept. Of Design to help me get those ideas to paper. I cannot recommend them enough, and I highly recommend (if you can) hiring professionals to do what they do best. The Dept. Of Design really listened to what I wanted, could understand my vision and enhanced it by making suggestions that were in line with my style and adding components to the space that I may have never thought of.


What has been the most challenging experience you have faced in business so far?

Honestly, everything about running a business is a challenging experience. I think the main thing is when you reach inevitable obstacles, or “issues” whether they are related to our service/clients/staff/finance/admin etc, you get to the point sometimes where you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed with the responsibilities you’ve created for yourself, that the most challenging part is holding yourself together mentally enough to push through, figure out solutions and get back your drive and remember why you are doing it.

And the best experience?

When clients absolutely love what you’ve done and appreciate your service. This makes it all worth it. Hearing that your clients have received compliments, and the feeling of being recommended is just the best. Also, being in my new space has been wonderful. For a moment, I was concerned that It would feel strange as I’ve been working from the same nail desk for nearly 7 years, but it honestly feels like I’ve been in the new Beautique for a while as it’s been in my mind for so long!


Who inspires you?

I have a lot of people I look to for inspiration, people who are not only great and successful in their respective fields, but people who are genuinely nice people, who are authentic and down-to-earth.

Who has been your most high profile client?

Tanya Hennessey radio presenter, author and vlogger who has one of the best personalities I’ve ever met.



What does balance mean to you?

Working your ass off but still taking the time to enjoy life! Working to live, not living to work. I also believe taking care of yourself is extremely important, I always tell my staff that they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of our clients. Having a balance is what keeps you going mentally, physically and emotionally.

Describe your typical day in a life:

6:30am Partner PT with my friend (twice a week)

7:30am Getting ready for work, walking my doggy if I have a chance (or he comes to the shop)

9am At work setting up and checking emails

10am-8pm Work, work, work! I would do about 6-9 hours face-to-face with clients on a normal day, and any time in between I’ll be taking care of admin, orders, cleaning, and taking my lunch and dinner break when I can.

8:30pm home time – Chilling watching Netflix and having a nice cup of tea to wind down.


Coffee or tea?


On your bedside table we’ll find:

Crystals, a book that I never get around to reading, candles, lip balm and hand cream.

Favourite flowers:


Book you are currently reading:

My full timer bought me “Palm Reading for Beginners” – maybe we will be offering a new service soon, haha!

Signature scent: Byredo – Rose of No Mans Land

4 can’t-live-without handbag contents:

My phone

Lip balm

Hand cream

Hand sanitizer

So, have you been to The Beautique yet?


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