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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same thing. Giving back to the heart and soul of the region is worth every penny and nothing warms the soul more than the gratitude on your local farmers face when they hand you what is quite literally the fruits of their labour. Not limited to just produce, handcrafted jewellery, accessories, furniture and clothing are all being produced by our very own Canberra community and can be enjoyed nearly every weekend over fresh coffee, juice and the occasional pie.

Below are our best tips for jumping back to your roots at Canberra’s myriad of options in market scene.

Old Bus Depot Markets

“Canberra’s Sunday Best” is the perfect combination of handcrafted goods and delicious local produce. Held in Kingston’s grand old industrial building, the markets come to life bringing an endless variety of colours, tastes and smells that create an atmosphere that is second to none. Make sure you get your hands on some fudge from The Fudge People and don’t miss the art gallery tucked away at the top of the stairwell.

|Old Bus Depot Building, 21 Wentworth Ave, Kingston |Sunday 10am-4pm

Capital Region Farmers Market

The capital region farmers markets held at exhibition park are one of the great community supporters of the region. The produce is freshly picked, locally grown and handcrafted to create a delight to the senses and not only is the food great but the local growers are always willing to share the best cooking, storage and usage tips to add some spice to your kitchen. Best explored with pie and coffee in hand.

|Exhibition Park in Canberra, Flemington Road, Mitchell |Saturday 7:30-11:30am

Hall Markets

These once a month markets offer the best in rural living and spread a friendly atmosphere that can’t be rivalled. Whether it’s the petting zoo, unique gifts or live music, the Hall markets have a little touch of magic about them that take you out of the city. You’ll also leave your mark on the community as all proceeds from the gold coin donation entry go straight to Hartley Lifecare.

|Hall Showground, Victoria Street, Hall ACT| Next Market: 1st July.

The Handmade Market

Held four times a year these markets are not to be missed as tens of thousands of people travel from all over Australia to attend. The markets showcase local businesses and emerging artists, promoting sustainability and recycling over fresh and original designs. What better way to branch out your skills and promote your local community.

|Exhibition Park in Canberra, Flemington Road, Mitchell |Next Market: 28th-29th July.

Honourable mentions:

The Forage- Live entertainment and food vans galore held at the turn of the season.

The Canberra Fashion Market- The best in second-hand styles held every couple of months.

Southside Farmers Market- The freshest produce on the Southside held every Sunday.

Written by Nicholas Curran 

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