Style Profile: Gen Cheah

Local star on the rise, Gen from This Is Genevieve, inspires affordable style by proving that it is possible to dress like a million bucks without blowing a weekly wage in the process. She has an incredible talent for creating stylish outfits on a budget, with her signature look being a covetable mix of streamlined simplicity and touches of youthful, laid-back femininity.

Whether balancing a dusty pink bandeau top with crisp white pants or a tangerine tee and a denim cut’s offs, she is fresh, classic and fun….and what is fashion, if not fun?!

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What does “style” mean to you?

To me, “style” means expressing yourself the way you want to! Not everyone has to dress the same and that’s what makes everyone unique. I’m quite a chilled out, go with the flow person so if I dressed in designer pieces everyday I wouldn’t feel myself.

You are known for styling affordable fashion in a high street way, what is your top tip for others styling on a budget?

My top tip would be to go for items that “look” expensive but are actually affordable! Feel the fabric – if it feels a bit thin in store it probably isn’t worth it. Target is amazing for this, I think the quality is on point but it doesn’t drain your bank account. Another tip is not to be afraid to mix and match affordable clothing with higher end pieces, for example, you could invest in a pair of good quality Cue pants and pair it with a Target knit or blazer for work. You don’t always have to spend top dollar to look amazing.

Where do you usually shop?

I shop at the pretty obvious ones – Target, Cotton On, Kmart, Tempt/Valleygirl. Target has an awesome workwear range. I love their “Lily Loves” range and also the Danni Minogue collection for casual wear. I head to Cotton On Body for their activewear. If I’m online shopping (I pretty much “browse” every few days – oops) I head to The Iconic and ASOS as they’re really affordable and have regular sales.

If your style were a city or country, what would it be?

Probably somewhere you can relax but also have a bit of fun. Somewhere tropical like Hawaii or the Greek Islands.

Favourite colour for A/W 2018…

Tan/burnt orange

Top 3 Items In your wardrobe?

Atmos&Here leopard print ankle boots, leather jacket and a good pair of ripped jeans (Target have awesome jeans btw!)

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What are you currently lusting after?

A bag from Naked Vice or a faux fur coat.

Who/what inspires your style?

Anyone who isn’t afraid to dress how they want to. I love confident people – they inspire me to stay true to myself and not get caught up with what everyone else is doing/wearing.

Favourite bar in Canberra?

I honestly don’t go out much (especially in winter) but when I do, I love anywhere with live music for a Sunday sesh. The Duxton is a favourite of mine.

Favourite Café in Canberra?

Sweet Bones for their acai bowls or The Goods for their avocado toast

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Can’t Live Without…

My phone or animals

Goals for 2018…

To not care what anyone else thinks!

Leather or denim?


Red lip or nude?

Generally a nude lip gal, however, I do love the occasional red to make a statement.

Ultimate Style Icon?

I don’t really have a specific style icon, however, I do take inspiration from other bloggers and accounts on Instagram. I love Thessy and Yiota from Sabo Skirt – their style is super relaxed but they always look so put together. They also make me wish I had an unlimited money tree so I can buy everything they wear.

Favourite style quote?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Where can we style stalk you?

@thisisgenevieve_ on Instagram

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