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We’ve put together some bedroom inspiration, to give you ideas on how you can style the bedroom of your dreams. 


A trend that never gets old is the clean, minimalist look. If you’re wanting to incorporate minimalism to your bedroom why not clean-out your room, disposing of un-necessary wasted and trade any bright coloured accessories for natural toned items. If you’re not ready to tone down your entire bedroom, you can start by dressing your bed in white or light coloured donnas, sheets and finishing it off with some cosy pillows. 

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If you’re a fan of all things floral, light bright and pastels, then maybe the floral look is for you. This trend doesn’t need to be dated and grandma-like. Rather incorporate it into your room with more modern colours and trendy accents. We absolutely love this look. 

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Love all things beachy, boho and beautiful? Why not feature this look in your bedroom. You can do this by decorating with natural, earthy tones, either in the décor you choose to style with or even the furniture itself. Bring nature into your room by styling with plants.  

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Not only is velvet super comfortable to touch, adding a cosy vibe to your room. This trend also adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to your space. You can incorporate this look to your room via your bedhead, or even, through your dooner and pillows. One of our favorite colours to incorporate with this trend is dark green and baby pink. 

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Now is the perfect time for an overhaul with the cooler months and stores like Adairs and Freedom having their final clearance sales. This includes their muted toned linens and pillows, faux plants (perfect for those of us who forget to water) and smaller decorative pieces.

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