5 places with great coffee

As Canberran’s we represent a few ideals. When winter comes, you better have the best in cold weather clothing, we will always belong to either the north or the south and we just love a good cup of coffee to get us going. Canberran coffee culture has come a long way and below are five of the best in the heart of the nation.

The Cupping Room: Self-described as a “concept café to take you on a flavour journey” The Cupping Room does exactly that. Designed by the team at ONA coffee they are genuinely determined to make their passion yours. ONA coffee is internationally renowned having taken barista competitions by storm and you’re lucky enough to experience this beautifully paired with a sensational seasonally designed menu.

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Two before Ten: Two before Ten take their roasting seriously! You just have to sit back and enjoy the masterpiece. The smell alone consumes the suburb of Aranda and if you so choose let your nose lead you to special roaster tours through their facilities. Coffee lovers needn’t look any further searching for the perfect match.

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Lonsdale Street Roasters: A café that began a revolution. Lonsdale St Roasters began sourcing quality coffee from all over the world, roasting it in-house, and pouring it back in 2010. With its innovative introduction brought a whole street to life. Have you ever heard of a coffee so good it brought a street to life? No need to, just make sure you go try it.

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Nookie: The coffee is smooth and delicious, but it is what Nookie brings to the table elsewhere that makes it a true player in the game. It’s green, it’s intimate and it is an absolute hipster haven, but Nookie also provides to those on the streets in times of need. The good samaritan of Canberra’s coffee culture has as much heart as it does flavour.

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Red Brick Espresso: Is coffee a morning ritual? Well to the team at Red Brick Espresso it is so much more. Carefully selected farmers they can trust provide the coffee beans for what is a true exotic journey of flavours. Kenyan to Columbian and all flavours in between, if flavours your game, Redbrick’s the name.

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