The lowdown on facials

If you haven’t experienced a facial in your time, we highly recommend booking into a spa and spoiling yourself to this luxe treatment. Not only do you get a face massage, your skin is able to drink up an array of hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing oils, butters and balms… If that’s not enough to get you on the phone booking your appointment… keep reading.


Facials are a really important part of your skincare routine. Think about how much sun, wind, makeup and general dirt and grime our skin is exposed to every day both inside, and outside. Apart from that, it’s important to be able to remove our dead skin cells safely and start the process of correcting any sun damage or ageing before its too late.


Preparing for a facial is easy, most day spas or salons will ask you what your skin is like when it’s great, and when it’s acting up. They’ll also access it from their professional point of view and then use custom range products appropriate for your skin and any issues, focus points or skin goals you have. 


When booking in for your facial, you should go at least two weeks before going on any sunny holiday. It is also recommended to go approx. once every month to give yourself that thorough clean and a spot of relaxation while you’re at it. Basically, facials are like #cleaneating for the skin!

Most will then set you up on a facial plan depending on your goals. A wedding is usually a time when most women want to correct any sun damage or pigmentation. In this case, you should start the process 1 year – 6 months out from the date, and have your last thorough facial one month out to ensure no un-pretty pimples decide to pop up on the big day!


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