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The best of live music in Canberra and where to catch a gig.

Canberra has become one of the truly unique centres for music in Australia. An unbelievable underground scene pushes this hub to notoriety and whether it be strange and wonderful venues or music collectives holding unique events in houses and warehouses, the heart of the nation has it all. So, without further a due here are some of our favourite venues in the Capital.

UC Refectory

When the big bands be knockin’, this cafeteria be rockin’. Quickly becoming the premier venue for larger acts visiting the nation’s capital. With room let loose those dance moves UC Refectory is a truly fun venue.

Upcoming performances include; KLP, The Cat Empire, San Cisco, Ball Park Music & Parkway Drive!

Smith’s Alternative

The weird and wonderful found a home at Smith’s. Enjoy a glass of wine as you sit back and listen to anything from Mariachi to Folk music. Smith’s feels like a world concert in your living room and nothing feels better.

Hippo Co.

In for something a bit smoother to (quite literally) jazz up those date nights. Look no further than Hippo Bar holding their weekly Wednesday night jazz nights. The stellar selection of spirits and intimate setting make for a special night indeed.

Spilt Milk

Canberra’s own Food, Art & Music Festival! We’re lucky to be home to one of the coolest live music events going ’round. This year will see the Childish Gambino headline the festival with loads of other acts performing. Tickets were sold out super fast, so we hope you were one of the lucky ones who got in right away.

The Phoenix

An age-old Canberra institution representing up and coming artists of the community every week. The place may be dark and dingy, but the Phoenix brings a voice to the community and it is Canberra’s true music venue.

A Bite To Eat

For that Sunday evening relax catch up special, A Bite To Eat in Chifley is the perfect place to settle down. Accompanied by stellar food, beers and an incredible décor it plays a part to your perfect weekly wind down.

Honourable mentions:

The Basement, Transit Bar, Canberra Theatre, Beyond Q.

Written by Nic Curran.

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