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Australian Skincare brands to watch

Let’s be honest, us ladies go a bit weak at the knees for NEW skincare brands with kickass products… Especially knowing they are following the natural and eco-friendly paths we’ve all consciously chosen to walk, for both the health of the planet and our bodies.

We wanted to highlight three fantastic brands making their mark on the industry. Time to clean out your beauty cabinet and stock up with some new faves…


Founded by Heather Beeken with a focus on natural skin and teeth care,

The products are all based on charcoal and coconut properties offering natural skin and teeth care.

The Kohle philosophy is to blend the power of nature with wisdom to create 100% natural, cruelty-free skin and oral care products that work.

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Samantha Sona

Samantha Sona offers a range of luxurious skincare and sunless tanning products with a strong belief in being beautiful, ethically.

The Australian-made products are crafted from the highest quality natural, organic and botanical ingredients, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Tribe Skin Care 

Founded by Kayla Houlihan, a trained beauty therapist who noticed a gap in the market. She created Tribe Skincare to help reduce facial redness, minimise breakouts and say goodbye to dry patches and eczema.

The entire range is natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Tribe Skincare has gone crazy on Instagram with customers all over the globe!


So why do we go all gaga over natural and eco-friendly? It became a bit of a trend before we really knew the reasons why. It’s clearly a no-brainer that we need to be super careful with what chemicals are going into and onto our bodies… but we thought we’d do some additional digging to give you a quick overview.

Everything applied to our skin has the potential to be absorbed by the body, which means that almost 2kg or more chemicals from our skincare and beauty products could be entering our bloodstream every single year…

Did you know that microbeads have now been banned? Those tiny plastic balls in your face wash are polluting our beautiful ocean and contaminating the food with toxins, so from this year, they can no longer be produced.

It’s really important to research these chemicals that are thought to be harmful in the long-term and make sure you read the labels of any skincare, even if it ‘states’ organic in the brand or name, as it might not be 100% organic.

We really hope more and more people discover brands like the three above and help band together to make this healthy change for their own bodies, our planet and finally ban testing on animals.

Who doesn’t want to live longer and love life

Share your favourite natural and eco-friendly products and brands in the comments!


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