How 5 successful women spend their first hour at work

It’s said that the first hour of your day either at home, or at the office can be a game-changer if done right. For most people, and many great leaders and businessmen and women worldwide, it’s been a proven tactic to set the tone for a productivity day ahead.

We’ve asked a few local business owners and entrepreneurs to share with us how they launch their workday to help spark some ideas for anyone who might need to make some changes, or perhaps want to set a new routine.



Divide and conquer!

Write my long ass TO DO list AND divide and conquer. (coffee in hand of course)

Morning: The easiest tasks come first. I go down the list and make sure I finish what I have started. Make my phones calls. After that get in to the nitty gritty -I plan all my content, which includes: taking photos and finalising text for content.




I wake up at 6.30am, 30 minutes before my toddler and spend that precious time listening to a calm birth podcast. Our second baby is due in October and I’m hell-bent on having a successful VBAC. Rose wakes up at 7am and has her morning bottle while glued to ABC Kids. I then get myself ready for the day – this takes me 10 minutes as I have a no-fuss beauty routine and am currently wearing a very edited wardrobe of maternity wear. By 8am, depending on what day it is our nanny, Georgia has arrived or we’re in the car on the way to Deakin to drop Rose off to my parents. Either way, I’m at my desk by 8.30am.

I grab a T/A Soy Cap and turn my attention to The Floral Society – the morning is our busiest period so I support my Senior Florist by processing orders, organising driver run sheets and handwriting cards. The same is done for The Sugar Deli and PLANTED. Once our morning orders across all businesses are out, I turn my attention to The Social Club and the never-ending flow of event enquiries that hit our inbox. By mid-morning I’ve usually met a few clients at The Social Club, fired off a tonne of emails and slipped in a piece of toast somewhere!  




It sounds so cliché, but honestly my mornings differ so much. Working in PR means I never really know what s**t storm might eventuate before I’ve had a chance to butter my toast – luckily I’m a sucker for cold toast with vegemite.

I take advantage of calmer mornings, using them to get as organised as possible. The very first thing I do is hop onto my clients’ social media accounts to check how things are tracking. Next, I give the news a quick once over to stay up to date with media and what’s happening in the world.

Then, anticipating what’s coming, I make a stress relieving tea and sit down for the most important part of the day – writing out the “to do” list. I LOVE lists and I love writing a fresh one each day. It’s gives me the same feeling of when you slip into a bed with clean sheets. SO FRIGGIN GOOD. And while my blood pressure rises with each item and I know I don’t have the slightest chance of getting it all done, I need it sitting on my desk, giving me some sweet side eye and keeping me (kind of) on track.

After this, it’s time to tackle emails, which I work through on a kind of triage system, tending to the most urgent ones first. Somewhere in here, like a programmed robot and without a second thought, I go and get a (you guessed it) coffee. Long black usually, latte if I need some self-love.



The first thing I do when I get stuck into work each day, is check through emails to identify priority items to action for the day/week/month.

Shortly after I’ve done this initial hit, I’ll make my way into the office to catch up with the team to kick off the week on Mondays and wrap up the week with them on Fridays. Throughout the rest of the week, I make sure I’m prepped and ready to go into all other client meetings that we have a strict rhythm set up with, to maintain the lines of communication and consistently make sure we are on track with the planning, execution and reporting phase of all marketing and campaigns.

The last hour of the day is equally as important for us, we can wrap up and prioritise for the next day. This hour can vary as to when it falls, but when we work our hardest to achieve a steady work-life balance, we make sure it doesn’t fall at midnight. 😛



My first hour of work varies a lot, as it really depends on what jobs I have booked. On a usual day and in an ideal world, I like to spend my first hour getting into the studio and setting up in a relaxed, leisurely fashion. I then like to sit at the work computer with a tea or coffee and respond to emails, check all of our clients have confirmed and do what I need to ensure our busy day ahead runs as smoothly as possible.

In the real world though and more often than not, I barge into the staff room in fear of finding 18 messages on the answering machine that I need to somehow get back to before seeing between 7-10 hours of face-to-face clients, run up the stairs to turn on our wax pots/turn the lights on/turn on the computer/play the music, run downstairs to light the candle/brew the tea/get our client nail files ready/setup clean tools/send that email/check that appointment/get back to that client and make sure my dog Kobe (our work companion) has fresh water for the day. There’s always something that comes up, but you make it work and you go-go-go!


How do you start your work day?

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