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Janette Wojtaszak shares BTS details of her new National campaign for the Microsoft SurfaceGo

Janette Wojtaszak is a entrepreneur and mother from Canberra who’s made a big mark on the media industry by combining her girl boss vibes and love of fashion to create a brand that’s loved and followed by many.

The Statement Life is her blog where she writes about all the projects she’s currently working on, fashion she’s wearing and mum life. The Statement Life is also home to a collection of beautifully crafted earrings designed by Janette, which she stocks on the website and in one of our local boutiques, müssen. We hear a NEW collection is about to drop this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Recently, Janette has been travelling and working quite a bit, Luna – her baby daughter in tow and its just been revealed what she has been working on… A commercial for both Harvey Norman and Microsoft to show off their new product, the SurfaceGo. Naturally, we caught up with Janette to find out all about the current campaign she and Luna are the gorgeous faces of…

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How did you score a role in the ad?

Microsoft approached me, all I had to do was be myself, a designer, stylist, blogger and mum. They found me onInstagram and they checked out my website too.

What is the ad for?

It’s for Microsoft’s new product called the SurfaceGo. It’s lightweight, has a great camera and easily fit in your hand bag.

Give us the low down on shooting?

We filmed in Bondi, Sydney over two days and half a day of voicer overs. From QT Hotel, to riding a bike on the beach front to the Bucket list cafe.

I am just being myself, a couple of days in the life of Janette – while using the SurfaceGo. It’s how I use it on a day to day basis, perfect for someone on the go.

I never thought that my ice skating poses would come in handy! Some of the scenes you will see me stretching it out on top of a cliff, with about 20 crew members, executives form Microsoft X Harvey Norman AND people walking past. THEN a drone flying over me to get the shot.

Which other brands have you worked with / partnered with this year? Ovolo Hotels, Estee Lauder, Mecca Maxima, Mookie, Anton’s, Mussen, Lulu and Milly, And Le Petit Bouton (baby clothing) to name a few.

We hear Luna was also a star?

Yes, she sure did. They asked if it was ok for her to be in it. I had to ask Paul (dad) if that was ok?! Of course he said, yes – its such agreat opportunity. The scene is calling my mum on Skype. I am so proud to have shared this wonderful moment with her. It will be really nice to look back on when she’s older.

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So when do we get to see your debut?

The commercial airs on TV later this month. The images will be in the Microsoft and Harvey Norman Stores and catalogues, posters. My face will be everywhere! lol Still pinching myself! So amazing that Microsoft chose to work with real people and support my business too. Such amazing support all-round honestly!

Incase a face of Microsoft wasn’t enough our fav mummy has also been busy on her earring label

My new spring earring collection comes out at the end of the month, which will be available at Mussen and my online store be sure to check it out! You’ll see coconut trees and beautiful flower bomb designs just in time for spring!

We love that Janette is taking the country by storm while maintaining her authenticity to her brand and the City she loves.

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