The Ultimate Gap Year in Europe Bucketlist

Packing your bags and heading over to Europe can be an absolute whirlwind so here to inspire your trip in new directions is The Canberra Edit’s official Eurotrip Bucketlist and we have a little something for everyone:

For the Sunsets

Experience the beautiful sunsets glistening off the island of Santorini, Greece.


For the Weird and Wonderful

Haggle in a Bazaar in Instanbul for that home trinket youll have for a lifetime or cut loose among the locals at tomato throwing festival La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain.

For the Adventurous

Face your fears and skydive from a helicopter in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland or test your shred at the slopes in the Swiss Alps.

For the Beer Lovers

Prost your fellow drinkers clad in leather at Oktoberfest in Munich and grab a 13% Belgium beer in Bruges.


And the Wine Lovers

Have a glass of wine in Bordeaux or kick back with a sangria on the beaches of Barcelona.

For the Foodies

Release your inner beast and try your hand at a ‘bistecca alla Fiorentina,’ a 1.2 kg steak from Florence.

And for Fashion

Explore the stylish and minimalist fashion in Stockholm, Sweden.

For the TV gurus

Stroll Lannister’s walk of atonement from Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

For the culture

Take in the marvel of the Colosseum in Rome or the awe of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

For the Romantics

Kiss under the moonlight from a gondola in Venice.


For the Festivals

Party like there’s no tomorrow and then back up the next day at Tommorowland in Boom and Sziget in Budapest.,

For the artsy

See the wonders of the Louvre in Paris, take a graffiti tour of Berlin or spend all your money at the Opera in Vienna.

For the free at heart

Exploring the hippy communes of Christiana in Copenhagen and jumping of a yacht in the French Riviera in Niece.

For the Party-goers

Everywhere really, but 24 hours in a club in Berlin dancing until you quite literally drop in Ibiza doesn’t sound too bad.


Written (and experienced) by Nic Curran.


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