Home inspo: Indoor Jungle

Greenery may refer to: Any foliage of a plant, either live, freshly cut, or artificial. The term is used in the landscaping, interior design, and florist industries. And, it’s all the rage right now.

So how can you incorporate the greenery trend into your home and replicate some sort of an indoor urban jungle? Read on and we’ll show you how… We got you girl!

Island Vibes

Achieve this style with lots of rattan furniture and baskets, a sunlit room with neutral colours and the use of natural fibres and textures will help bring this summery look to life. Plants to use for this look are Monstera, Bird of Paradise and Cateracterum Palm Tree.

Hamptons Chic

This look has a touch of Island Vibes but with a little less relaxed and more chic and or expensive style to it. Think dark green leafy plants like Sanseveria, Ficus Trees & Yucca.

Modern Contemporary

Different and unique plants suit this home décor trend perfectly. We love the look of cactus, fiddle lead and string of pearls amongst the art and carefully chosen furniture to match the theme. Small pops of greenery also work well in smaller spaces – perfectly shaped succulents, aloe or lotus plants.

Perhaps the popularity of our little (and sometimes big) green friends is due to us wanting to be closer to nature, breathing in better air and having a reason to stop and ‘water the leaves’?

Need a little more of a push? These Instagram accounts sure do have us lusting to get our jungle started!


A lady named Meghan who lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her cat and creating her #jungalow oasis. Great inspiration for ideas!


Eline is a Dutch Macrame Artist who says greenery is her therapy. She loves to share fun images of her individual plants and even has a dedicated Plant Room!


A huge collection of indoor greens that just keeps growing! Little Green Friends invites you to watch their family grow and learn tips and tricks while you’re at it.

If that’s not enough to already persuade you to join the green side, here’s some fun plant facts:

  1. Indoor plants aid in cleaning the air, ridding it of nasty bacteria and airborne moulds.
  2. Indoor plants are great for improving the acoustic levels in an environment and are particularly beneficial in restaurants and offices where they also act as a soft screen.
  3. Our eye doesn’t need to adjust to see the colour green and therefore introducing greenery into a space adds a calming element to the room.

Still not convinced, why not fake it till you’re ready to be a plant parent and purchase some very real looking faux plants from Matt Blatt, Temple & Webster or The Plants Project. 

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