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The tale of: Nibble + Nourish

Here at The Canberra Edit we love shining the light on local business owners and boss babes making waves in their respective industries. The talent found here in our city is phenomenal and we love uncovering their stories through our Q&A’s. Let’s take a look behind one of our foodie faves, one of Canberra’s favourite grazing businesses, Nibble + Nourish to find out more about how it all began…

Tell us a little about you and why you started Nibble + Nourish.

Based in Canberra, Nibble and Nourish started as a passion project/side hustle with my bestie in early 2017. Our first ever, and signature, 1M platter was created for my baby shower and our friends and family went bananas over it. We thought of a name, got a logo designed and used those first photos to launch social media accounts. Word of mouth was (and still is) our strongest marketing tool and one event every few weeks, turned into one event almost every hour on the weekends.

Now I run the business with a few helpful food stylists (#PLATTERQUEENS) as a full-time gig alongside my other full-time gig in marketing and comms.

What else does Nibble and Nourish do?

Nibble and Nourish is a fully licensed and certified caterer offering pre-constructed Grazer boxes, 1M platters and Grazing Tables. We also offer delicious tiered Cheese Wheel Cakes and Chocolate Fondue.

What are the different spreads you can offer?

Our most popular spread is the mixed savoury gourmet and oh so sweet combination which features cheeses, meats, dips, antipastos, breads, crackers, veggies, fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts, doughnuts, slices and chocolate. Closely followed by our Brunch for President spread, which is a delicious combo of croissants with all the fillings, sourdough with feta and avocado spreads, waffles, muffins, pastries and seasonal fruits.

What kinds of events do you cater for?

All events no matter how big or small can be catered for by Nibble and Nourish. Birthday parties, kids parties, engagements, ladies lunches, weddings, hens/bucks celebrations, pre-wedding nibbles, corporate functions and meetings. The list is endless… we don’t mind what you want to book a grazing station for… I could eat it just for dinner so judgement here!

What has been the most challenging experience you’ve faced in business so far?

The most challenging thing, but also the best way for us to learn, has been the feedback received in the early days. Different foods are loved by different people and it took us a few months to work that out and get our quantities correct.

We are always really open to requests and more than happy to add in a blue cheese or more prosciutto here and there if it will make our customer and their guests have a more enjoyable experience feasting on their favourite bites.

And the best?

The best experience for us is also the feedback. We do a happy dance when someone books us to create a grazing table for them and then when they follow up afterwards with kind words, another booking or just some great pictures and videos of their grazing table. Providing a service to our customers to make their event planning easier and stress-free is what drives me to keep creating a great product!


What 3 bits of advice would you give to someone wanting to start his or her own business?

Do your research and find your unique-ness.

Never stop creating and growing.

Work hard!

What does balance mean to you?

I am still navigating business and motherhood, changing things along the way (every week) to give myself a break and make time to be present in each aspect is really important to me. I am trying to not use the word ‘busy’ so much!

Describe your typical day in the life? 

No two days are the same, so I will describe a day when I am solo and working.


Wake up, tiptoe down the hallway and turn the coffee machine on. Start running through my to-do list and sift through my emails.


My son wakes up and depending on the day we’ll have a leisurely breakfast together while watching cartoons and getting ready for the day. I try not to work during this time.


Daycare drop off complete and I am either working in a café with another coffee or in the car on my laptop before a meeting (at a café, with a coffee), doing deliveries of our Grazer boxes, or even setting up a grazing table.


I try to do some sort of exercise or a PT session if I haven’t been for a walk with the pram every other day. Otherwise, some combination of the above.


I get stuck into all my writing and social media content for clients and try to remember to eat lunch, if I am home I’ll have salmon with veggies followed by too much chocolate. Whoops!


Pick up food, flowers and greenery for Nibble and Nourish from suppliers all around Canberra and pack away. Some days I might have bookings in the morning and/or afternoon so that will include preparation and set up on location for the event. Like I said… no two days are the same!


Baby to bed, and I am back on my emails and work for the night until I finally turn everything off and go to sleep around 10/11pm.

33486721_920542448150850_4117786580641382400_n copy.jpg


Coffee or tea? All of the coffee please! An almond cap is my lifeblood.

On your bedside table we’ll find? Lamp, GO-TO hand moisturiser, a book, candle and one of my sons toy cars.

Favourite flowers? It’s hard to choose just one, I love a gorgeous mixed bunch but pink or white roses are always a must when buying for the house.

Signature scent? Dolce & Gabbana – The One (legit been wearing this scent since I was a teen #obsessed).

Book you’re currently reading? The Year that Changed Everything by Cathy Kelly

5 can’t live without handbag contents? Cards for everything, a few lip glosses, lip liner, Wrigley’s gum and a hair tie. Very practical these days #mumlife.

Written by Katey Johnstone.

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