How to create stylish kitchen and bathroom arrangements

Creating small arrangements or vignettes in the kitchen and bathroom is a sure way to turn a house into a home.

Not only can these arrangements look beautiful, helping to fill otherwise void spaces, they can also be incredibly functional.

Today, Gina Ciancio from Style Curator is sharing her top tips on how to create different types of arrangements in these spaces.


The classic stack

One of the most popular arrangements for the kitchen is to create a cluster of functional items including cutting boards, salt and pepper grinders, and smaller pieces such as canisters.

My top tip to getting this right is to think about ‘contrast’ – mix shapes (such as a round and rectangular cutting board), size, and materials.

In this arrangement, I’ve used two different shaped and size cutting boards, with tall salt and pepper grinders in front, a glazed ceramic canister and small succulent garden in an earthy vessel.

Coffee station

Creating a drink station, such as a coffee station as I have done, is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and butler’s pantries.

You can incorporate all sorts of pieces such as a coffee machine or plunger, stylish canister to hold your coffee beans or pods, your favourite mugs, and even a small art print such as the ‘Coffee, coffee, coffee’ print I created.

A tip to nailing this look is to work in odd numbers, so using 5, 7 or even 9 items, as this creates a more balanced look overall.

Sink arrangement 

Another functional arrangement you can create in the kitchen is by the sink where your dish soap and hand wash usually sit. By simply adding a tray underneath and one or two decorative items, such as an indoor plant or candle, you can instantly make it look stylish.

Decorative arrangement

The final kitchen look is purely for aesthetics but why not?!

Fresh blooms always add a lovely and luxe feel to the home, and are the focus of this arrangement. Anchored on a tray, trivet or cutting board, you can place other items around the vase, such as candles and canisters. I’ve kept this look quite minimal but you could use the tips of odd numbers and contrast above to create a miximalist look featuring loads of beautiful pieces.


Vanity arrangement

There’s no shortage of ways you can style your vanity and here I show two looks.

The first is all about feminine luxe, pairing two of my favourite materials – marble and brass – to create a pretty arrangement. Small bowls are ideal for holding jewellery or other treasured items, while candles (and you don’t have to stop at one) set the mood.

The other arrangement is more masculine, featuring a concrete look tray with bathroom products from Provincial in minimalist packaging. The flowering plant has also been replaced with a fern for this look.

Bath tray

Another opportunity to style your bathroom is with a bath tray and the trick to styling this well is all about layers.

Place a small towel over the tray and build upwards using body brushes, soap dish and natural soap. A basket is also a practical idea for holding smaller items and brings that natural element. Of course, I think you can add an indoor plant to just about any pocket of your home and the bath tray is no exception!

Do you love to create arrangements in your home too? Share your favourite styling trick in the comments below!

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