How to nail waves with Lexi Bannister

If you’re all about those effortless waves, then our local hair queen, Lexi Bannister is your girl.

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Recently we caught up for a chat to see how she’s been going since opening her own space, and she was kind enough to share some of her highly sought after tips and tricks with us to share with you! #yassss

How long have you been in your own space for now?

I’ve been in the salon now for 8 months – what the hell! I really don’t know where the time is going!

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We’re obsessed with your vibe – a custom-made colour table, velvet chairs and greenery everywhere. Tell us your inspiration for LBH look and feel.

My inspiration is really nothing specific because to be honest when I say ‘I want vintage meets eclectic meets industrial meets minimal’ it doesn’t make much sense does it haha. Anything I do in the salon I see in my head which is triggered by a random piece I saw.

Take my colour table, for example, I saw something Hdm Metal did on their insta and then all of a sudden I saw metal that’s been rusted from being in a creek too long. Then I looked up wooden tables and saw an inspo pic for the kind of colour I wanted and my carpenter does the rest! You have to give over the creative control I think to get the best result! Pat from Bower and Co Projects just nails it every time! Nothing in my shop that is a big piece can be bought somewhere, its all custom.

Now as for the plants I just want it to look like a jungle! I’ve been cut off from getting more plants from the girls haha.

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Can you pretty please give us some cheat sheet advice on how to nail the ‘LBH waves’?

I do love my waves! While I generally keep tips and tricks for my clients! I will say-

1. Prep your hair with hold product making sure you distribute evenly.

2. Using the right tool like a Cloudnine iron on 175 degrees helps to get the right shape and not heat the hair up too much to dry out the moisture which will help drop the style. Always make sure the direction of the iron is holding the iron straight down and not too quick so you evenly heat up the hair.

3. Brush out with a wide tooth comb until you’ve reached your desired effect.


Lexi’s Top 3 recommended products from the DNA Organics range:

1. DayVolume Shampoo & Conditioner

2. HeatShield Protectamist


3. Sea Set Texture Spray


Where to find Lexi at LBH: Shop 7, Manuka Village, Palmerston Lane, Griffith.



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