Beauty Product Review: Green Tease by Frank Body

More and more, we are listening to the experts, the doctors and the scientists and investing in Natural, cruelty-free skincare.

If you’ve never heard of Frank Body before, it’s time to open up your eyes babe and get super friendly with this GORGEOUS range of coffee scrubs, body balms, face creams, oils + heaps more!

Excitingly for those of us who’ve been loving on this brand for quite some time, they’ve just launched a NEW scrub made of GREEN TEA!

The lady legends at Frank HQ sent us some of our very own to try, and here’s all the details from our trial of this magical stuff! (Yes we liked it, a lot… so feel free to skip the rest of this article and just buy it already).

You can buy it here (and a little birdy told us it’s on sale RIGHT NOW)

Here’s the lowdown;


Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.17.29 am.png


Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.17.38 am.png


We have been long time lovers of the original coffee scrub, and also the coffee with coconut scrub…. But this Green Tease scrub is absolutely beautiful! It truly does feel magical, it’s softer than the others and the smell is much sweeter.

It left every inch of the bod feeling smooth, and was much easier to clean up the residue in the shower as the scrub was lighter and seemed to spread farther.

Again, do yourself a favour or stock up all your lady friends Christmas stockings with Green Tease:

Side (but super cool) note: There is a Tarot Card hidden in every Green Tease pouch, with four in total to collect.

Happy Scrubbing tea lovers!


We recently wrote about this kick-ass Australian beauty brand, in our StartUp Success series, read it here and be seriously inspired:


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