The tale of: Stephanie Savvoudiou

Here at The Canberra Edit we love profiling and getting to know ladies who’ve created kick-ass brands and businesses with the kinda passion and drive that gives us all the inspo and motivation vibes!

We first got to know Steph through her fitness career as a PT and her business, BootyCamp by G Train. We then quickly learned she was also a hairdresser and had just started freelancing at LBH Salon in Manuka.

If we didn’t know a girlboss before, we sure do now! Read our interview with Steph to see how she does it all.


Tell us about your career in both the hair and fitness industries?

Hair has been the only thing I’ve done up until starting PT! I started so young as a salon assistant I was only 14, then started my apprenticeship from there, I couldn’t get enough of doing hair and lucky enough either could my friends or family! I was lucky enough to be able to learn so much from so young and then it just became life.

I started doing PT as I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness, I also had some outside influences and inspiration that led me to begin my study! It was definitely something I had considered and at some point, it just fell into place! I figured I was still so young why not keep learning, these days its so easy and we should take more advantage of the sources we have. Once I was all certified, Bootycamp became my new business venture with the help of my partner Gavin from G-Train Health and Fitness.


How long have you been a hairstylist prior to freelancing at LBH?
I have almost been hairdressing (technically) for 10 years! Crazy! I feel so old.

What are your top tips for keeping your hair fresh after a workout?
Dry shampoo is my best friend! Spray it in, blow it out and fresh hair here we come! On the off days definitely a slick bun or slicked pony always looks great and saves a heap of time!

Who is your most high profile client?
Good question, I’m not one to go after influencers. I would say the ladies that I do who are also in their own businesses which we all would have been to at some point! I also did hair for the Prime Ministers wife of Ireland, totally random.

Do you have any go-to products you recommend?
Definitely DNA Organics Sea Salt Spray or Voludust, they both add a nice amount of texture to the hair to give you a long lasting effortless look!

What has been the most challenging experience you have faced balancing the two careers?
Definitely still getting the hang of balancing careers! Its a working progress to finding a balance, work becomes life and I just wake up and repeat. It’s really tough to find a spare two seconds in the day to do my own thing, I go by the saying you have to work hard for what you want in life, but hey it’s not a job when you love it!



What does balance mean to you?
Balance is such a tough one, it’s so different for different people! At this current point in my life, I’m focusing on building the businesses so balancing them out is something I’ve managed to do at this stage. It doesn’t help that my partner is also a workaholic so we basically feed off each other and just get it done! However, balance to me in a nutshell is still giving yourself some down time every now and then. I am a big believer in rest days, if you’re not up for exercise or you have the ability to take the morning or night off, just do it you need it.

Who inspires you?
My inspiration probably comes from the people around me. I’ve been so lucky to have such a big family and to see them progress in life as they have always had their own businesses in all different avenues. The girls I work with are definitely a major one as we literally eat, sleep, breathe hair! We are always in the salon together working crazy hours day and night and if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be where we are today.



Describe a typical day in the life:
5 – 5.30am
Wake up

Kick my bootycampers booties

Coffee break

Do my own training, running, weights etc

Off to do hair

Home time

Catch up on riverdale



Steph in a flash
Coffee or tea?

Coffee am
Tea pm

On your bedside table well find?
I am totally a minimalist and I absolutely hate clutter, you’ll find my house decoratives and nothing else!

Favourite flowers?
I think flowers are so pretty however I kill them way to easily so fake ones are the way to go! I would say orchids!

Book you are currently reading?
Good question, when I find some balance I would love to try something new

Signature Scent
Oscar De La Renta (again super fussy)

5 hand bag contents
Paw Paw
Locitane hand cream
Tail comb
Eyelash glue (only some will understand the struggles!)


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