Healthy Habits that will change your 2019

Hello February! The silly season is well and truly over with the last long weekend allowing us a little extra time to get our sh*t together…

We have put together these top 5 healthy habits for you to follow along with us to help make 2019 our best year yet! We’ve covered all the bases; health, lifestyle, balance, and career.

Set your alarm for the same time every day and stop hitting the snooze button.

A new day is a fresh start to tick off more of the important things that ultimately lead us to our goals. Starting your day at the same time every day allows you to begin to sleep better the night before and be prepared for all the things you usually struggle to fit in the next 24 hours. Perhaps allow yourself a sleep in on Sundays, or if your body clock starts to wake you the same as during the week, it’s the perfect opportunity to get started on something you really enjoy doing, even if its just reading a book or throwing on a pair of runners and taking a leisurely walk.

Get a daily diary, goals tracker and to-do list started – and stick to it.

You might be able to find one book with all these compartments inside, or perhaps you have three different diaries/journals/books/notepads to use. These are all really great tools to ensure that you never miss an appointment, you schedule important appointments, remind yourself of the goals you wish to achieve this year – meaning you’ll be making steps towards them, even if they’re slow.

Utilising a to-do list and ticking off even one item each day is the best feeling! It really works to get you motivated to take the time to smash out important phone calls, work, or tedious household tasks that often take the backseat to busy weeks.


Join a class you have wanted to try forever!

We’re not just talking exercise classes like Yoga, Pilates or F45. Join a class that is all about something you think you might like to try like flower crown making, a cooking class, a cake workshop or art class and reap the benefits of learning (or mastering) a new skill or technique. You will likely meet a whole bunch of new friends and even if you don’t end up loving it, be proud that you chose to step out of your comfort zone and try it!

Clean out your beauty draw

We all know that most of our beauty products don’t have a super long shelf life… but how long have you actually had that mascara and actually STILL use it? We’ve been known to hold onto things that we might use only to find it another 6 months later, collecting dust in the back of the bathroom cupboard. Check the expiry on your body scrubs, soaps and moisturisers and treat yourself to a whole new set of everyday makeup essentials, especially if you can’t even remember the last time you stocked up!

This is also the opportunity to go all Marie Kondo on yourself, and get organising one room each fortnight (just being realistic…). Is the linen cupboard overflowing… or the dreaded Tupperware cupboard?


Leave the job you hate.

This is a BIG one! How many years has it rolled over into the next and you’ve not wanted to set foot back into your workplace? Perhaps you’ve only just started last year but have already started to feel a little unmotivated when you know this is the time that your colleagues are at their most pumped.

Don’t feel bad that maybe your circumstances or passions have changed. Listen to your heart and follow a job that will fulfil you both financially and add to your happiness. Life is very short. We’re one year older and sometimes the scariest things we face, can turn out for the best.

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