Clean Workout Essentials

It’s time to energise your body and mind through getting sweaty and moving your body… but how do you get the motivation?


Many people turn to pre-workout powders to increase their energy, focus and endurance in the gym – it’s as simple as owning a shaker cup and having access to water. One drink and you’re in the zone… they say. However, what about the people who can’t consume caffeine you ask? We asked too.. and found these fantastic clean replacements. Thank us later!

Little Wildling Co – I Work Out

Non-caffeinated energy boost for the 3.00pm slump, first thing in the morning or when you need a helping hand. Contains herbal ingredients such as marshmallow and dandelion supporting detoxification, turmeric root to reduce any sore muscles post workout, licorice which acts as a great adrenal tonic herb and Siberian Ginseng to help enhance the body’s resistance to stress.

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Body Science – Clean Tea

Formulated to rebalance and restore your digestive system, gut health and inner wellness with a powerful combination of tummy-boosting ingredients.

Complete with an array of vegan-friendly ingredients such as Kombucha tea, apple cider vinegar, probiotics etc that don’t carry any artificial nasties or sugar, Clean Tea TX100 gives your insides the warm fuzzies!

Both drinks are designed to have hot or cold, so could also supplement your morning coffee if you’re looking to cut down or switch to something healthier.

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Other ways you can nourish your body before a workout, is with food. Here are our top 5 ideas for energy:

  1. A bowl of plain greek yoghurt with berries and granola
  2. Sliced apple with peanut or almond butter and raisins
  3. Cacao and coconut bliss balls
  4. A hard boiled egg
  5. Hand full of dried fruit and nuts



If there’s anything else that will get you feeling motivated to be active this year, it’s a killer workout wardrobe! Here’s our top style picks for getting you started.

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You know what they say; Look good, feel good!

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