A new fashion show is coming to town… get ready for, Meraki

You might have seen the gorgeous teasers filling up the feeds of Instagram lately, Meraki is the reason, and it’s because on 24 March the new fashion show will take place in Canberra! We sat down with the creators to find out a more…

“We’re just two young gal pals who shared a vision over avo on toast at brunch”.

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The charming and rustic Fitters Workshop in Kingston is the perfect setting. Think textured neutrals to lush florals in abundance, blush tones and vintage lace. The show is centred around a glamorous muted palette. But it’s more than a fashion show, it’s a whole experience. There will be food, music and drinks – everything being Instagram worthy of course; making for an enchanted afternoon.

Tell us everything about your new Fashion Show, Meraki and what we can expect from the event on 24th of March.

M: Meraki is a Fashion Show which will be held in the 24th of March. It will be an afternoon with food, drinks, music and of course fashion! Showcasing local designers and featuring local models, makeup artists and more of our city of talent has to offer.

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When and how did you come up with the concept?

M: There are so many models, make up artists, hairdressers, designers in Canberra but not enough outlets for them to express themselves, causing them to seek work elsewhere. We wanted to create a local, collaborative event which was inclusive and diverse. There is so much conversation about the exchange of a good or service for monetary value in the creative space. As Bianca and I are both creatives, we wanted to create an environment where everyone is rewarded for their talents through equal pay.

And the name?

M: The name Meraki means to do something with love, creativity and soul. This word resonated with us because that’s exactly what we do everyday and exactly what we’re doing now. We also want to inspire other young people to live by this word because that’s what life should be about.

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What is the point of difference we can expect from Meraki?

M: We want you to feel like your part of it! Obviously we have big reveals saved for the day of, but we’re taking our audience and followers with us on our journey in the lead up which has been really fun!

Can you tell us the designers who will be showcasing?

M: We can’t giveaway everything but two of them are in line with Bianca’s line of Summer fashion but one of them does Winter fashion!


What do you ladies do outside of creating a fashion show?

M: I’m a public servant and I do my Instagram stuff around that. So I have all my food adventures, events, openings etc. in the evenings or on the weekend. Then outside of that I hang with friends, exercise, talk to my family, edit my photos/videos and plan my next venture. I get bored really easily so I love having things on my plate!

Who inspires you?

M: Everything and anything! Art, fashion, music, books, nature, travel – the list is endless! If we’re talking fashion, my biggest muses are Marilyn and Audrey. Classic and timeless queens.


Tickets will be released to MERAKI soon, keep this link in your bookmarks:


And a little about the ladies themselves…

MARYANNE in a flash:

Coffee or tea? Tea always! My favourites are from T2. I surprisingly don’t like the taste of coffee but I la la love the smell.

On your bedside table well find: My phone, laptop, cameras, photos of my family and friends and fresh flowers.

Favourite flowers: Orchids in blue and peonies in pink. But look, if I’m given anything else I won’t complain hehe I love them all!

Book you are currently reading: The last books I read were the Crazy Rich Asian trilogy after watching the movie. I really want to get back into reading fiction books, I went through a self help book phase which I loved – it taught me so much.

Signature scent: Vanilla and coconut because they remind me of the ocean. A close second and third are anything fruity and floral.

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: Phone, wallet, keys, camera and water bottle. I wish they were more interesting hehe I do have the occasional snack.

BIANCA in a flash:

Coffee or tea? Coffee

On your bedside table we’ll find: Water, laptop, flowers, scrunchies and a snack

Favourite flowers: Sunflower or baby’s breath can’t choose

Book you are currently reading: The 100 year old man who climbed out the window

Signature scent: Chanel no. 5

5 can’t-live-without handbag contents: Hurraw lip balm, scunchie, pen, business cards, safety pins


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