Starting a side hustle with The Women’s Collective

Are you thinking of stepping up your side hustle? Or still thinking of starting the one that’s been on your mind for months (or even years)? Why has it taken you so long to take the plunge into the deep end?

We sat down with The Women’s Collective #bossbabe, Georgia King to find out how she started her business and what insider tips and tricks she has just for you to get started, or to level up your current business.

Hey Georgia! Thanks for having a chat with us. We want to know how and when did you start The Women’s Collective and what was the initial idea behind it?

Starting The Women’s Collective was honestly more of an accident that a purposeful decision! I started my first business when I was 23 (GLK NANNIES) and I really struggled with that process. I knew that I was passionate about running my own business, but the reality was so much more challenging. So in true entrepreneurial style, I decided to create a community for women in business to help them skip a couple of the hard lessons that I had to go through.

How much has TWC grown and changed in that time?

TWC has grown SO much, I’ve always had a community and events focus, but the recent foray into coaching has come from asking our community what they want and need. In the last 4 years, TWC has grown into a community of over 15k women across all out social media platforms, running events, workshops, coaching and soon to be a brand new addition to our services that’s being announced very soon!

What did you do in a past life?

In what feels like a million years ago I attended ACU and gained a Bachelor of Education prior to starting my own businesses so I guess you could say teaching/coaching was always in my blood, I just had to find the right version of it for me.

How do you stay successful and make sure your point of difference really shines through? 

Great question! I work really closely with my audience and my clients and always value their thoughts and feedback. Pivoting is a really important part of staying relevant, sometimes things that worked a year or two ago won’t work for you now. Being able to recognise that it an important part of growing my business. 

What are your three tips for anyone wanting to start their own business?

Ah so hard! I have a million! But.. if I had to choose 3 would probably be

  1. Be prepared to work your butt off and do all of the non-glamourous things running a business entails because in the beginning, it’s mostly all those things!!
  2. Thoroughly plan out your business and look at how viable it is on paper before you launch anything and before you quit any other type of work you’re doing.
  3. I may be a bit biased here, but my biggest tip would be to spend even just a couple of hours with a business coach when you’re starting out, you don’t need to learn everything the hard way! Take advantage of someone else’s knowledge to get yourself ahead of the game!

Now that your side hustle is your full-time hustle, do you think about other side businesses opportunities?

All the time! Are you even an entrepreneur if you’re not running 5 others businesses in your head?! I’m lucky that I get to explore lots of different avenues with TWC as part developing of my business coaching experience/knowledge. As for launching a brand new business, I’m perfectly happy working with other people on making their businesses amazing! 

What’s a typical day in your life look like:

6am I’m still fast asleep.

7am I wake naturally between 7am-8am, I’ll laze in bed for around 15 minutes and then literally jump up out of bed and get started on the day.

I work from home 3 days a week so on those days I’m usually straight on the laptop and working till I drag myself out the house by 11/11:30am.

12pm I have coaching sessions throughout the day, fuelled by coffee of course!

Then it’s usually pretty on the go for the rest of the day, emails, phone consults, meetings.

5pm I’m usually home by 5 most days and the chances of me cooking dinner are slim to nil. I’m a takeaway or pre-made meals gal.

I make sure I have a solid 2-3 hours downtime every night before bed so I can spend quality time with my wife, and rest my brain. I find it really, really hard to disconnect from work and if I don’t make that a priority, I wake up with creative burnout.

10pm I’m fast asleep. 9 hours a night is a non-negotiable. 

GEORGIE in a flash:

Coffee or tea? Coffee, coffee, coffee.

On your bedside table we’ll find? My phone, wedding rings, whichever book I’m reading, and usually a few random accumulated things like hairbands, bobby pins and empty water cups.

Favourite flowers?

Babies breath or cotton buds (if they count as flowers)

Book you’re currently reading?

 You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero + The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck – both are brilliant.

Signature perfume?

It changes as I change, at the moment it’s Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

5 things you always have in your handbag?

Phone, debit card, a couple of make-up essentials, and multiple receipts that I don’t need but I don’t chuck out in case they come in handy.

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