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Canberra Girl’s Guide to Travelling Solo

Has the thought of a solo trip ever crossed your mind? Until recently it was something I’d never considered or had any desire to do, but once the thought came into my mind there was no getting rid of it till I packed my bags and headed off on my own!

There’s no doubt the solo travel thing isn’t for everyone but with the below tips we’re hoping to help you board that plane, pack the car or even book in for a solo overnight staycation.



Bring home with you;

Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you need to feel lonely. We all have things that make us feel at home and loved. Whether it’s making a playlist of your fav tunes that can get you singing at the top of your lungs, that book you’ve read a dozen times but still can’t put down or an album of pics of your fav people, pets and places. These can all help remind and motivate you on how amazing your journey is.


Plan, plan, plan some more and throw it to the wind;

I am a girl with a list and then a to do list to write the list. But in the case of solo travel it’s best to plan but give room for spontaneity. Plan your trip have an itinerary for the fam but have flexibility. This allows you room to change plans if you meet people, don’t like a place or decide that you need more time somewhere. Make bookings that offer free cancellation so you’re not out of pocket if you change your mind. This solo thing is about you and just you – crazy we know! So embrace the unknown and your gut.

Bar staff are your friends;

No this is not about free drinks but hey it could be?! In a lot of places the stools at the bar are there for solo travellers, use them. The bar staff will strike up conversation with you and other travellers and get the ball rolling – whether it’s about making new friends or learning more about the place it’s a great way to chat to people.


Be Brave;

Besides the fact you’ve just headed off solo which is damn brave in itself. Part of travel is new experience and being on your own means what that experience is, is totally up to you. Try something new it can be something as simple as Japanese food or as crazy as sky diving. Made friends at the bar who are doing a road trip and want you to come?! Do it! As cliche as it sounds you do only live once so chase those dreams.

Disclaimer – Be Safe; while we’re all for embracing this crazy new braveness make sure you’re not putting yourself in dangerous situations. Trust your gut and keep friends and family updated on where you’re going.

You do you Boo;

Selfcare – yep we’ve all heard it! But it’s true. A major part of life and travel is looking after yourself and listening to you. A solo trip is as much about finding new places as it is about finding you. It can be overwhelming travelling overseas at the best of times so why not start on a weekend away somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Relax! While new places and experiences are great be sure to take down time and listen to your body. Sleep in – so what you miss the first train of the day, Give yourself time to think – Being on your own can teach you so much about yourself all you have to do is take the time to listen. Grab a coffee/wine, have a massage, put on your sneakers and climb a mountain, sit in Central Park and people watch – whatever it is that gives you time to reflect and be happy.

Most of all be proud of yourself, even if after reading this your first thought is “hell no” – you were brave enough to consider it.

The solo trip means the rules are set by you and you alone – its entirely up to you, so go get it girl!


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