Let’s start a Revolution (Resolutions are so last year!) 

 By now you’re part of one of 2 groups; those who have put their New Years Resolutions into motion or those who have kicked them to the curb. If you’re the latter chances are they probably went out the window mid- January, well we’re here to tell you to trade these outdated resolutions for revolutions.  

So why do we say revolutions rather than resolutions? Because self awareness is going to inspire you a whole lot more then saying you’ll “Save more money this year”.   

If you’re someone who is motivated by goals, targets and deadlines then you probably don’t need our advice but for the rest of us, we’re hoping these few tips will give you a boost into chasing those stars and setting life in motion.  


Be Real 

This relates to life on so many levels. We are all for aiming high but if you have $0 on the 1st of May and you want $20,000 at the end of June – is it realistic?! Probably not unless you’re a Kardashian, intend on robbing a bank or selling everything you own.  

Be real with your goals, life and most importantly yourself. Too much of today’s society is staged or fake especially with the success of social media. You are only going to disappoint yourself by setting unrealistic targets and expectations for life, and by reaching smaller targets – you can achieve more wins, which means cause to celebrate (PARTY), you may be able to reach that larger goal simply because you broke it down into more achievable steps.  




Self Awareness 

No one knows you better then you know yourself, even if your BF tells you they do. Part of growing up and adulting is being self-aware and learning from your mistakes. Failure has its merits, but unless you take the lesson and reflect on the failure it was all for nothing. If the same problem continues to occur, goals not reached, relationship/s failing, job not making you happy then its time to reflect on the WHY!?  

 Being self-aware can feel a little raw sometimes and takes some practice, but once you begin it is totally freeing and soon enough if you listen and learn you will be the best version of yourself.  



Reward Yourself 

This is key even for those who are setting their goals list on fire.  

Reward yourself when you deserve it, especially when hitting milestones but keep it real! Don’t be breaking step one by buying yourself the dream handbag on your credit card if the goal you just kicked was reducing your debts.  

 Keep the rewards simple and be smart about what this looks like. Want dinner with the girls but are saving for the overseas trip, why not have a dinner party at home to save costs. If your goal has multiple steps to it then save rewarding yourself to the end.  




Self care doesn’t need to be expensive, its all about listening to your body and mind and what you need. It could be as simple (and free) as sleeping in, staying in with a good book rather than going out, skipping the gym or going for a run or a lazy Sunday morning coffee in the sun. Get into the habit of making the little things that make you happy part of your routine to maintain the happiest version of you.  


The most important part of making change is remembering that we are all different and it takes time and self-reflection to discover what this involves for you. Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Stay honest with yourself, listen to advice from others but then alter it to what will suit you.   

Remember that failure isn’t the end of the world and tomorrow is a new day, and maybe even a new beginning! 



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