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The CLIQUE you want to belong to

Unique to Canberra, The First Wives’ CLIQUE (FWC) is for women who are divorced or separated to come together once a month and make connections with other local women and experts in a fun and supportive environment. Designed to help build greater confidence and find support for  their future after separation.

Divorce lawyer and founder of Separate Together Siobhan Mullins is the mastermind behind this group.

“I believe that there is incredible power in connecting people through education. It is my aim to reduce the barriers that women face after separation and divorce by improving their social, psychological and financial well-being through education,” said Siobhan

She explained that the first six years after the finalisation of a divorce or separation are the most difficult for women.

“We create a safe and fun environment for women facing similar situations to come together, empower each other and guidance to moving on with their lives in the most cost and time efficient way, by providing professional advice,”

“CLIQUE is an acronym that stands for connect, listen, interact, question, understand and empower. The FWC gives women the opportunity to do just that—with experts and other attendees, with little time and cost commitment,” explained Siobhan.

The FWC will focus on topics around post-divorce and separation such as managing conflict and communication with the ex, dating, career, health and wellbeing, raising happy children after a split and much more.

The FWC meet the third Thursday of every month for one hour from 6:00pm until 7:00pm at Pick Up Stix in Lyneham.

First time attendees can register for free and then tickets are as little as $30 a month.

For more information or to register visit

Written by Alannah Andreini

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