Top tips to smashing your gym fears

I’m sure most of us have been here. We joined on a whim and then all of a sudden we find ourselves constantly making a beeline for the treadmill because it’s the only thing you’re familiar with. There’s a natural anxiety we feel when faced with something uncertain, especially in a new environment.

A lot of this stems from what we assume people will think if they see us struggling with a piece of equipment or our form isn’t 100%. We all start out here though and it’s going to take longer than overnight to get used to using muscles you didn’t think existed.

Whether you’re just starting out with exercising or have been hitting the gym for a while, gym anxiety is so common and can get the better of us at any time – but don’t let this get in the way of reaching your goals, here’s a few handy tips to overcome the gym anxiety.

Get a Personal Trainer

One of the best things I ever did was book a personal training appointment. Most gyms will offer you at least one free session or a start-out package deal, either as a promotion or part of your membership. No question is too silly, they’re there to help you reach your goals and get you comfortable with the different pieces of equipment – it’s their job to help!

Gym with a buddy

Do you have a friend that already goes? Then why not see if they can show you their routine and work out together. Not only will this let you have a little bit of fun and not feel alone, but you’ll also be able to keep each other accountable.

Check out the classes

A lot of the time, classes will be included in your gym membership, or you can trial them free for a period to see if they’ll be right for you. They’re a good option for beginners to have a workout that’s already planned with an instructor there telling them how to perform the exercises.

Avoid peak time… if you can

It can be difficult to not feel like everyone is staring at you and wondering if you look totally out of place, especially when you’re going in the lunch or after work rush. If you can swing it, try going in the quieter periods like mid-morning or late afternoon when it’s not as busy.

Be prepared

Have a look online and see if your gym has any photos or a virtual walkthrough (most do these days) so you don’t need to walk around aimlessly trying to find what you’re looking for, then you can pre-plan your workout. Pinterest is great for finding basic workouts for free and so is YouTube!

Be confident

Put on your favourite active wear, get your killer gym playlist and just go in with your goal in mind. Everyone has their insecurities and that’s what makes us human.

Just remember, everyone is there for the same reason – to help maintain a fit and healthy life!

Written by Alannah Andreini

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