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It’s easy being green – how to start a sustainable lifestyle

There seems to be this common notion that transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle is expensive and overwhelming; well, take a deep breath and get ready to make that transition because it’s not! Everything you do, no matter how big or small, contributes to changing the impact on our earth.

Here’s a few simple tips to get you started:

Credit: @soulorigin

Avoid unnecessary plastic

  • Bring your own environmentally friendly bag to the grocery store.
  • Invest in a reusable drink bottle and coffee cup.
  • Where possible, avoid wrapping your loose produce in plastic bags.
  • Use washable metal straws instead of disposable plastic straws.

As a country, there’s at least 5 billion tonnes of plastics in landfill or polluting our environment. Can you imagine how low this number would be if everyone did the above?

Eat local and seasonal

  • Buy produce locally and in bulk from the local farmers markets.
  • Grow your own food – plants are all the rage so set yourself up with your favourite veggies and herbs!
  • Eat seasonally available produce.
  • Use your vegetable waste to make compost or a delicious homemade vegetable stock.

If you’re mindful about the above you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you save on your weekly grocery bill and how much fresher the food is!

Mindfulness in the house

  • Turn your lights and appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them.
  • Wash your clothes on a cold cycle and use a drying rack rather than a dryer.
  • Get as much natural light in the house before you decide to turn on a light – this’ll help boost your mood!
  • Get a water saving shower head installed or invest in a shower timer.
  • Use reusable cloths more often instead of disposable paper towels.
  • Reuse old jars for storage.
  • Invest in a bamboo toothbrush.

It’s the easiest to reduce the waste and economic impact in your own home. The options are almost endless and it can be overwhelming – the best thing is to look at your house in sections and decide what you can switch out or change.

Just start small and find out what is going to work the best for you and your lifestyle and adapt as you go. Something is always better than nothing!

Written by Alannah Andreini

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  1. I love the information that you’ve shared in this post. It’s really important for people to see things like this and learn how to help be more sustainable. Thank you for sharing.

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