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Fashion Bible Breakdown

Let’s start by saying we’re not anti trend – trends absolutely have their place. That place being somewhere between you got it on sale and are obsessed and had to have it. This fashion bible is what a girl NEEDS (not just tells her boyfriend she needs) in her wardrobe.

This is our top pieces every girl should own;

Denim jeans – yep groundbreaking we know! The key thing here is finding the fit that works for you. If you’re wearing low rise jeans with your underwear hanging out the back no one will notice they’re $250 Nobody Denim – they’re too busy laughing at your ass! And just because your bestie can rock those cropped skinny’s doesn’t mean you can.  

Take the time and try on a range of styles, high waisted, mum jeans, boot cut etc. You will know when there is that pair that fits just right and makes you wanna spin and check out your bum – these are your new staple. You don’t need to spend a fortune on denim but just be prepared the cheaper jeans may lose their stretch and fit a little quicker than your more expensive brands.


Leather – we know this will be debatable but we’re calling it and at number 2 in our list. How you incorporate it is up to you and the level of your cool chick vibes! A leather jacket is an easy way to add an edge but we also love leather pencil skirts or leather paneled tees & jumpers. These pieces add that wow moment to an outfit while still keeping it neutral and sophisticated. Want the look but not the price tag? Stores like Portmans have actual leather pieces that are affordable, alternatively a lot of stores are offering PVC options that look like leather but aren’t as heavy or expensive.

Leopard print – No longer just the uniform of gals from Jersey – leopard is here to stay. Be smart with your choices here and be sure to stick with a classic rosette design (a rose like shape of the spots). We recommend sticking to smaller rosettes for camis, dresses and skirts in silk or a cotton material and larger fewer rosettes on knits. Feeling extra wild?! Snake print is everywhere currently so perhaps switch it up if you want a more seasonal option. 


Sneakers Sneakers are no longer just for the fitness fanatic friend who lives only in kicks. Play by a few simple rules and you can be sporting (pun intended) these bad boys EVERYWHERE!  

  1. They need to be casual sneakers, not your workout sneakers, for the look to work with anything but your gym gear.  
  1. Unless they are high tops, make sure you are showing off your ankle. This means pairing them with dresses, ankle cuffed jeans etc. This keeps your legs looking long and ensures you maintain that casual chic.  
  1. Basic is best when you’re first trying the look out so we suggest plain white, or minimal colours/embellishments.  

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T-shirt/ cami collection Yes, we say collection because this is that item we suggest buying multiple of in a range of colours. This is the item that builds that capsule wardrobe everyone talks about. Pair it with jeans, a skirt, work pants and you are out the door in 5 minutes. Probably 2 if you’re a mum and the kids don’t allow you a total of 5 minutes to yourself.


The Wow Piece – This is that piece that either makes you really feel like the goddess you are or every second person on the streets says “Omg I love your Dress/top/skirt where did you get it from?” You shine in this item because it looks and feels like it was made for you or it’s something that little bit different that you had to have. Girl this is your “Go-To when you’re having a bad day because when you put this on there is no choice other than slaying your day.  


Boots Like everything in our fashion bible this is another piece that you will find your own take on style but something that will happily see you through multiple seasons and trends.  

Boots are almost like jeans these days there are so many different styles, you just need to find what suits you.

First thing first – it is a very limited few who can pull off the over the knee boot, so we suggest leaving that to the fashion elite.  

Knee high boots can be great but don’t work for everyone especially if your calves are maybe a little more muscley. Our favourite and go to is the ankle boot – its been having its time for the last few years and we do not see it going anywhere fast. They come in a range of different styles flat boots, block heels, round or pointed and are perfect for casual dressing, office style and hiding the socks you’re rocking because Canberra has hit below the minus.  


THE Dress – Previously we may have called this the LBD or Little Black Dress and chances are for our pared-back sisters this is likely to still be a little black dress. We strongly promote that each of us is different so what works for one may not work for the other this could mean the dress is a maxi, not a mini. Is Navy not black or is more formal, than casual. The point is this dress is a total asset to your wardrobe. A go to easy to wear piece that if you’re lucky works for the weekends, drinks and possibly the office. A true staple that will see you through multiple seasons of fashion.  


The Trench The piece that will take any winter dressing from casual to chic in the blink of an eye. Plus it’s an essential for any Canberra girl because we need the warmth. Keep this piece to neutral shades for maximum impact and where possible wear it undone to create long lines that elongate the body and make you feel like a runway model. If the jacket comes with a tie, tie to the back to assist in creating shape.  


Just remember the key to being stylish is taking fashion and making it your own, there is no point have a wardrobe full of clothes you will never wear just because someone told you it was a must have! Have we missed your fav piece? Tell us what it is below.  

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