Best biographies for lazy weekends

Winter is only good for a few things, and one of those is curling up under a cosy blanket with your bed socks, a big cup of tea and good book to lose yourself in for a while. One of the more interesting ways to lose yourself, is in someone else’s life. Here’s a list of some of the best biographies to read on our final cold winter weekend. 

Becoming Michelle Obama

Undoubtedly one of the most popular First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has written an inspiring, powerful, intimate and mesmerising memoir full of deep reflection. Taking readers along with her journey, Michelle details the experiences that have made her the woman she is – starting from childhood to motherhood and all the way to the Whitehouse. A truly honest recount, she tells her story on her terms of a woman who has defied expectations and inspires us all to do the same. 

Becoming Michelle Obama


Shoe Dog – Phil Knight 

Curious to know the story behind the iconic Nike swoosh that you love? Fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father in 1962 and created the company recognised across the world today. In his first year, Knight grossed $8,000 and Nike today generates roughly $30 billion in sales each year. Knight’s story is candid, humble and gutsy, not to mention how transparently he speaks of the risks, triumphs, overcoming adversity and leaving your mark on the world. 

Shoe Dog

Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ fame is undeniable, and their charismatic frontman Anthony Keidis’ life story is one of those remarkable ones alongside the history of the band itself. Moving to Los Angeles at the young age of 11 to live with his father (a dealer to Hollywood’s elite) Keidis grew up to fall into LA’s underground music scene, finding his life’s purpose and forming a band that would influence generations of musicians; but it’s not all an amazing journey, Keidis writes candidly of the downsides of fame and struggles with addiction in a story of integrity and recklessness. 

Scar tissue


The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s inspriring yet tragic account of her ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances has captivated the world’s readers for generations. During the regime of Nazi Germany, teenager Anne Frank and her family are forced to live in hiding. For two years they lived in secret and all that time, Anne kept a diary accounting her curiosity about her sexuality, conflicts with her mother, detailed portraits of her fellow citizens in hiding and so much more. If you haven’t read this one yet, I highly suggest you pick up a copy.

Diary of a young girl

The Stranger beside Me – Anne Rule

If you’re into true crime and was a fan of Netflix’s Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Vile and Evil this one is the perfect further reading for you. Anne Rule was a crime writer on the biggest story of her life – tracking down this brutal mass-murderer. Much to her shock, the young man she was hunting was none other than a close friend, Ted Bundy. 

Stranger beside me

The Princess Diarist – Carrie Fisher

Intimate, hilarious and witty are the best words to describe Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist in what can be a surprisingly emotional read for fans of Star Wars. When Fisher rediscovered the journals she kept during the filming of the Star Wars movies, she turned them into a behind-the-scene recollection. Her fame as an author, actress and pop-culture icon are unquestionable, but the Carrie portrayed in this was just a (sort-of) regular teenager with lots of youthful naiveté. 

Princess Diarist

Back After the Break – Osher Gunsberg

I’ve mentioned this on a ‘must-read’ list before, but it’s such a worthwhile read that I have to list it again. Osher writes a very open, candid and honest story about his battle with mental health in a powerfully revealing, raw, dark but downright hilarious memoir. It’s hard to remember a time when Osher wasn’t on our TV’s or radio making everything look perfect on the outside. The real picture was quite different; struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and weight issues from a young age and then dealing with addiction to combat the depression and anxiety he was experiencing, he managed to pull himself out on the other side and come to terms with living with a mental illness and experiencing a fulfilling life. 

Back after the break

Written by Alannah Andreini


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