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Simple ways to have a digital detox

There’s no denying that with the amount of technology we’re in contact with, stepping away from the apps and giving your thumb a break from scrolling can be a good thing. Now keep in mind, you don’t need to go cold turkey on all things digital, but there’s a few tricks to give yourself a well-deserved break.

Turn off push notifications

Constantly getting updates on what’s happening in the world is great, it keeps you in the loop, but it’s also so distracting. Remove these distractions by turning off all the push notifications that you can live without – like Instagram, Facebook, email.


Leave work at work

It’s so easy to get caught up in your work emails when you’re at home, especially when you have your work inbox synced to your phone. Unless you’re required to be ‘on’ 24hrs a day, take off your work emails from your phone and deal with it all during business hours. You’ll never feel fully relaxed at home otherwise.

Bedtime is bedtime

You should try to create a digital blackout routine at night. When you go to bed, its lights out – no TV, no scrolling for an hour till you feel tired. Embrace the darkness of your bedroom and banish all electronics. Need something to help lull you to sleep try reading a couple of pages of a book until your eyes are heavy.


Get a ‘dumb’ watch

With the amount of smart watches on the market these days, it’s another way to be constantly connected and always have your notifications pinging no matter where you are. Downgrade back to a simple and stylish analogue watch instead and leave the notifications only to your phone. Hipster chic right here! Trust us with the self care movement we see this becoming quite the trend.

Be less social

Social media keeps us connected at all hours of the day, but they can really take your focus away from other things! Try to only check your social media in the morning and night – slashing the time you spend on social media is one of the biggest ways to have more control over your digital life.


Entertain yourself without the screen

We’ve constantly got screens glowing in our faces and demanding our attention, it’s hard to remember a time where this didn’t happen as frequently as it does now. It’s important to take a step away and give yourself time away from the screen. Reconnect with nature, do a yoga class or get back into reading as much as you used to.

It’ll take some time to implement these tips as common practice, but the more you can limit your time interacting with digital technologies, you’ll find your mental and physical health with improve!

 Do you have a digital detox method we have missed? Let us know what it is. 


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