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Gratitude – the art of self-care

Gratitude and self care may just be the words of 2019, but it’s no secret that feeling thankful for what you have can totally lift your mood.

It’s not always easy, and sometimes feeling grateful can be downright impossible. Sometimes there’s so many little things bubbling up inside and it feels like everything in the world is wrong – not a very inspiring mood to feel thankful!

It’s also easy to miss the moments to feel thankful for; life is rushing by us so fast that it can be hard to find a moment to let the gratitude sink in completely. The good news is that it’s actually so much easier than you think to embrace feeling grateful and turning gratitude into a habit.

Here’s four simple tips to weave gratitude into your everyday life.

  1. Start a gratitude journal

At the end of every day, no matter how exhausting, annoying or chaotic it may have been, set some time aside to reflect on your day and write down three things that you felt the most grateful for. Turn it into a habit by making it part of your routine, e.g. something you do before you go to bed for the night. Kikki K have a great journal to get you started!


  1. Say it out loud

Are you feeling particularly grateful for someone’s presence in your life? Tell them! Write it out in a text, give them a call or tell them face-to-face. Your appreciation is sure to brighten their day, and might make your relationship even stronger. Expressing your gratitude out loud can also let it sink in more, become more of a habit and also leave you feeling energised.

  1. Get your family and friends involved

Hearing what other people in your life are grateful for may inspire you and help you to realise similar moments from your day. You’ll be able to hold each other accountable and realise when you’re not being entirely grateful for what you have. You can even share inspiring quotes with each other to stay motivated.


  1. Acknowledge your mistakes

Acknowledging your mistakes and reflecting on what you have learnt from them can help you be more self-aware of issues that could arise in the future. With a bit of time and hindsight behind you you’ll definitely feel grateful for all the times you’ve made a mistake and the lessons you’ve learned.

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