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7 shows we’re watching on Netflix this summer

This summer has been a little less about Sun and more about finding things to do inside, the perfect excuse to binge watch TV (wait, who are we kidding? It’s always a good excuse) with little to no responsibility in sight. Check out the 7 must-binge shows we’ll be streaming on Netflix this summer. 

V Wars (Season 1)

It’s like The Walking Dead, but with vampires instead. Ian Somerhalder returns to our screens, not as a smouldering bad boy vampire, but as a scientist looking to save humanity and protect his family before an all-out war ensues between humans and vampires. 

You (Season 2)

Ahh Joe is back being his creepy self, except this time, he’s moved to Los Angeles for a ‘fresh start, is calling himself Will and has another victim in his sights. You will be hooked (again) waiting to find out what he did to Candace and if his past actions will finally catch up to him.

The Witcher (Season 1)

Making Game of Thrones look like child’s play, The Witcher is the ultimate fantasy horror series. We see Henry Cavill appear as the white-haired Geralt of Rivia, a ‘monster-hunter’ and ‘monster’ in his own right. Rumour has it, there’s talk of seven seasons already in the works. 

The Confession Killer (Season 1)

The latest true-crime show to come out of Netflix and taking a fresh look on the justice system, The Confession Killer follows the story of Henry Lee Lucas – an individual who confessed to hundreds of murders in the 1980s, recounting evidence from crime scenes and even sketching victim’s portraits for the police – yet somehow, his stories just don’t add up. With the advancement of DNA technologies and misinformation in his stories, it becomes clear there’s no way he killed everyone he took credit for – so it begs the question, why did he take credit for the killings in the first place?

Atypical (Season 3)

After two heartwarming seasons already, Atypical season 3 continues to impress us by following the story of Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, just trying to navigate regular teenage problems like romance, school and family drama. Season 3 focuses on Sam hopefully settling into his new university life, but it’s not all about Sam, it’s a coming of age story for the whole family, with his sister Casey struggling with her sexual identify and his parents coming to terms with an affair and trying to navigate their new dynamic.

Glee (Seasons 1-6)

The musical-comedy drama from our early teen days has found a home on Netflix with all 6 seasons ready for streaming. Focusing on a fictional high-school glee club, an optimistic teacher takes over the club to help restore it to its former glory. The biggest focus of the series? The students in the glee club as they navigate their love of singing, desire for popularity and the trials and errors that come with being a teenager. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 6)

Our favourite police precinct will be back on Netflix early January with Season 6 ready to stream! As a refresh on the end of Season 5, Jake and Amy attempt to tie the knot in a makeshift wedding ceremony after their original plans faced a bomb threat and Captain Holt finds out whether or not he got the big promotion he was going for (which wasn’t revealed to the audience). Season 6 picks up almost immediately in the aftermath of all of this. Safe to say, Jake and Amy’s honeymoon might be off to a rough start!

So stock up the snacks, get comfy and enjoy your excuse-free binge watching sessions!


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