Top tips for writing a stand-out resume

There’s no denying that when it comes to recruitment, your resume and cover letter are SO important. Recruiters and managers take notice of the details, for example if you’re applying for a graphic design role, you wouldn’t want to send them a plain old resume done in word. We’ve searched high and low and curated some of the best tips to writing a stand-out resume.

Don’t have a ‘vanilla’ resume

The last thing a recruiter wants to see is a standard resume template that you’ve used for every job you’ve applied for – so tailor it! Find the keywords in the job description and write a cover letter focusing on how your skills apply to those.


Be relevant and draw attention to important information

Nobody cares about that café you worked in five years ago before you started your career. Try only keeping it to your last 2-3 positions, with your most recent job first. Try to also keep all achievements, education and skills as relevant to the employer as you can (within reason).

Keep it brief

If your resume doesn’t fit on 1-2 pages – you don’t need that additional information! Allow yourself more space to detail your current job and the skills you can bring to the table for this potential new position. You can pass on the unnecessary info too – they don’t need to know your age, marital status, religion, nationality etc.


Edit and proofread!

The last thing you want to do is submit an application with errors! Make sure you give your application a really good read over for any grammatical, spelling or layout errors. Bonus if you can get a friend to read over it for you!

Follow the submission guidelines

Most employers require resumes to be submitted in a specific way; if you don’t follow this, there’s a good chance your resume won’t get noticed. Most typically, there’s guidelines about what information to include in your cover letter, whether you need to respond to selection criteria, a certain file format and sometimes even the way they need to be sent.

Try implementing these tips next time you’re about to apply for a new position and you’re guaranteed to be one step ahead of the rest!

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