Our fave podcasts of 2020

How good are podcasts? Don’t answer, because we already know – they’re excellent! They’re essentially free little audio books sharing tidbits of life advice, stories and more that you can listen to anywhere, anytime. Here’s some of our favourite podcasts we’ll be listening to all 2020 long. 



The Health Code

You’ve definitely heard of fitness and lifestyle influencer Sarah’s Day. The Health Code is her podcast run with photographer and expert content creator fiancee Kurt Tilse. Sarah and Kurt share a fun, informative and unfiltered podcast covering all things health, lifestyle, fitness, relationships and building your dream career and achieving your goals. They share all their secrets, spill the beans on their relationship and cover favourite recipes and exercises in a unique blend of info, banter and fun. 



Better than Yesterday with Osher Gunsberg

Everyone knows Osher. I guarantee the first time he appears on screen of a new season of Bachie you always shout out ‘OSHER!” whether you want to or not. He may be Australia’s favourite lovable TV host, but he’s been through some pretty tough mental struggles that he’s really open about sharing (if you haven’t read his book, go right now and buy it). Osher’s podcast is a weekly conversation with other Australians hoping to make a change and share their stories, in the hopes that it can make your day that little bit better and keeping your mental health in check. 

shes on the money

She’s on the Money

In 2020 we’re all about being a boss girl and making better financial decisions. Victorine Devine is a millennial money expert and her she’s on the money podcast is your one stop shop for millennial ladies who want financial freedom without giving up that delicious avo toast. We’re left feeling totally empowered to make smart money decisions at the end of every episode! 


Serial Season One

Look, we know this is old news but it’s still so good! Season One of Serial focuses on the murder of high school student Hae Min Lee and her suspect boyfriend Adnan Sayed, who was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Since the launch of Serial, this case blew up in popularity again and in the nearly two decades since everything went down, Adnan Sayed is still in the throws of a hectic legal battle to clear his name and earn the innocence he’s always maintained. It’s a great listen and Sarah Koenig does a fabulous job narrating; it’s also a great follow-up to the SBS short series The Case Against Adnan Sayed


Think: Sustainability

Now more than ever is the time to make more environmentally friendly choices and make sustainable living changes to your lifestyle. This podcast digs down into the impacts of consumption across all sectors of life and tracks the movements and discoveries from waste to wealth and growth, it ideals the way to making a sustainable future. 

all aussie myserty hour

All Aussie Mystery Hour

Run by the good folk over at Pedestrian, this podcast is run by their self-proclaimed true crime nuts Josie and Mel (who also provide the best recaps of Bachie that are so detailed you almost don’t even need to watch the episode). All Aussie Mystery Hour covers a different unsolved Australian crime/mystery, and Josie and Mel share their theories on what they think happened. Quite often a hilarious discussion between the two, each mystery they discuss is weirder than the last.


We’re all about improving our lives this 2020, whether it be working on your fitness goals, bettering your financial decisions, or just keeping your mental health in a good place in general. We hope you enjoy these podcasts just as much as we are! 

If you have any extra suggestions, add them to the comments – you can never have too many podcasts right?!

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