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Valentines Day dates on a budget

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and whether it’s with your bae, a first date or your girl squad, there’s no denying that it can be an expensive day. There’s an expectation for expensive bouquets and dinner and maybe the movies too – especially this year when V-Day falls on a Friday! But think outside the traditional date ideas and you’ll definitely find some cheaper options. Here’s some of our faves.


Go on a hike

There’s plenty of gorgeous walking trails around Canberra (Check out this guide for some inspo), that have some stunning views that go with them. Check out the sunrise if you don’t mind that early morning grind, or plan your day right and take advantage of the long sunlight hours of daylight savings. 


Pack a picnic

Find a cute picnic set if you don’t already have one, get a blanket and find a cosy spot on the lake to spend the evening having a picnic. You can even check out places like Nibble & Nourish who take away the stress of planning the food and will deliver an awesome spread just for you. 


Have a game night

Get competitive and challenge each other with some games. Break out some old school games like Scrabble or come up with some creative bets and play Poker together. Or, if you feel like leaving the house, head to Guild for some delicious pizza and all the games you could imagine. 


Hit up the arcade

There’s a lot you can accomplish at the arcade even with the basic price package. You can even throw in bowling or a game of laser tag at some of them too. Make it a competition and see who can win the most tickets by the end of the night then pool your winnings and pick a prize. Bonus points if you head home without an argument about someone being robbed of their “WIN”.


Glow in the dark mini golf

It’s a fun and affordable way to have a cute date together. Head down towards Fyshwick and play a round or two of glow in the dark mini golf! Up the stakes by placing a romantic wager on the match.

Go for a bike ride

Don’t have a bike?! There’s some pretty cheap bicycle hiring options down by the lake. Why not hire one of these and spend the day cycling around Lake Burley Griffin together and seeing all the sights. 


Go stargazing

Typically you need a telescope to go stargarzing but not anymore! Plan an evening under the night sky and download an app like SkyMap to help you figure out what it is you’re looking at. Obviously you should pick your favourite star and make a wish.

Top tip – Try the Arboretum the open sky’s and vast lawns make it a great option. 


Cook together

Plan out a whole fancy meal! You’ve got your entrees, mains and dessert. Spend the night cooking together and pairing wines with the food you’ve made. 


There’s so many cheap and creative options out there! Just think outside the box and you’ll soon see you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy feed and cocktails to make something out of Valentine’s Day.

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