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Top tips for staying productive working from home

There’s no denying that we’re living in some crazy times right now and looking after ourselves and our community is super important. There’s been a lot of disruptions to daily life and people’s routines and for some, it’s the upheaval of not going to an office to work anymore. 

Awesome – I can stay at home and work! Yeah it is awesome, but it’s actually so much easier to get distracted when you’re working from home if it’s not something that you’re used to! It can be a productivity nightmare! We’ve got some top tips to help you remain productive while you’re working from home.


Keep your morning routine

Whatever routine you follow to go work in the office, follow the same one when you’re working from home – that means your start and finish times too. 

Keep the same break schedule you would at work too, same lunchtime and coffee breaks etc. you’ll minimise the amount you head into the fridge looking for a snack this way and still have a bit of normality. 


Don’t work in bed

Whatever you do, keep the bedroom a sacred space. Do not take your work in there. You’ll get comfy and lose focus and probably end up having an accidental nap instead. If your bed happens to be the best place in your house to do your work, do everything you can to make it not feel like ‘bed’ and make it feel like you’re ‘going to work’ instead. 

Also get out of your pyjamas. You can put trackies or other comfy clothes on, but don’t wear your PJ’s. 

Have a designated workspace

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to use as a home office or extra space around the house for a desk, great! You’re already one step ahead of the rest. Wherever you choose to have your designated workspace, add elements to make it feel like you’re in an office like a supportive chair and an inventory of typical supplies you’d reach for during the day within reach. Once your workday is over, leave the space until the next day. 


Stay away from the fridge.

Pretty self-explanatory, but seriously back away from the fridge during the day – it’s not your friend. 

Prioritise your physical health

It’s a lot easier to fit in your workouts when you’re working from home. During your lunch break squeeze in a quick 30min HIIT workout or go for a walk around the block to switch off and get some fresh air for a while. 

If you’ve been forced to work from home, that extra time you would normally have from your commute to and from work use it a different way instead of a sleep-in! Get your exercise out of the way for the day or meditate. Don’t waste the extra hour or two you might have in your day now. 


Check in with your colleagues

There’s great online team software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that exist these days. It’s really easy to send an email, but think of all those instances where you’ll get up and walk across the office to ask them a question – the same applies to using this kind of software. 



Log off 

Set your boundaries. It can be really easy to let your work consume your life when you need to work from home, because your work is with you all the time now. Make sure you have a set time to start and finish for the day, and when you do finish that’s it, log off and leave it alone till the next day.

Do you have any tips we’ve missed? Add them in the comments below.

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  1. Staying away from the fridge is a great tip. It’s so easy to munch away all day while you’re working. It doesn’t help that we’re all probably doing less exercise while we’re stuck at home more.

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