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Our picks of the A/W 2020 trends for the home

Who else thinks autumn is the best season there is? The leaves are changing colour and starting to drop and the big oversized hoodies are finally making their way out from the back of the wardrobe. Spending even more time at home it is the perfect time to add extra warmth and soul that you feel your home may have been needing…

Here’s our picks of the A/W 2020 trends for the home:

Defining colours

Terracotta and Clay tones and Steel Blue are going to be the staple colours for the bedroom this season. Pair your earthy Terracotta hues with pops of mustard or Blush Pinks with your Steel Blues for an effortless mix into a cosy space. 

For a living space that evokes wholeness and self-love, Olive Green is the shade you want to sprinkle in. Use a hero piece of furniture if you have the room, otherwise invest in a pillow or two here and a blanket there. 



You’re going to see a lot of velvet and linen this season. For ultra luxurious texture, invest in velvet bedlinen (like this one from Adairs) and let the colours make a statement through the texture. Mix and match with velvet and washed linen pillows in complementary colours to build up the layers of texture in the space. 

Natural luxury

There’s an upward trend in people wanting to connect with more natural materials in their homes. This could be through an increase in houseplants, items made out of natural material like cane and raffia or even adding marble accents such as vases and candleholders. 


The new neutrals

Gone are the days where beige and grey shades complemented our aesthetic, they’ve taken a step back and colours have stepped up to fill this gap. Blush pinks, soft coral tones, varying shades of blue, golden yellow to mustard and earthy tones will be strong in 2020 to use as the complementary colour to the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. 


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