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Exercising from home – The Real Deal

In school I would intentionally leave my PE clothes at home simply to get out of sports. Now I love and need exercise to make me, me! When I am stressed there is nothing better than a good workout, morning sessions align my mind for the day and I think I love running the dog around the block more then it does. 

HOWEVER with the recent scares and gym closures I will admit my exercise regime is ad-hoc at best and I suspect I am not alone. Home motivation is hard (way harder then our 5.00am alarm to head to the gym). Here are some real tips that will help you get back into it, or at least closer than wearing gym tights to the couch and back to the fridge… 

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Be Realistic – Watching every Insta story under the sun of people doing weights work outs is great but if you don’t have the equipment at home its just going to make the excuses easier. Body weight will get the blood flowing as much if not more than weights. Yoga will tone you like no other and even extending the Dog’s daily loop to an additional street will keep you on the move. 


Space – How many of us have woken up to watch our Hiit Republic workout via live video and looked at our intended “Gym Space” to decide there just isn’t enough room. Cue rollover and back to sleep! If possible find a space that can be utilised solely as your workout area. A spare room, the garage, even behind the couch with your yoga mat and any necessary equipment moved out of the way. This will encourage you to walk into this area and know its time to work. 

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Goals – These do not need to align with your bigger picture fitness goals, We don’t want to be adding extra stress to ourselves during this time. But setting some small goals that encourage us will return that enjoyment to working out and over time these can be ramped up. Each workout should have structure eg. 3 rounds of 5 different exercises etc. This gives us a target to work to and makes it harder to pike part way through. 

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Your Gym Squad – Yes, Yes we know social distancing! But who says you can’t have a virtual cheer squad. Talk to your friends, ask them what they trained, what their goals are, what they’re watching/following for workouts. This will bring back the social element of exercise but could be that extra kicker we need to get moving and stay on track. 

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Utilise Tech – There is no way I could ever plan a gym session on my own otherwise there would be 5 burpees, 10 bicycle crunches and lunges to the fridge for wine. (BRB – trying this out)! Most gyms are offering online workouts to their members or support chats – use them. In addition to Youtube workouts across all types of exercise (hello goat yoga!), a lot of companies now offer FREE app workouts as well eg. Nike Training Club or a free trial period on AloMove.

Just remember this too shall pass, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Baby steps will lead to new habits and ways of moving.

Have we missed your Home fitness tip? Let us know in the comments below.

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