Your Working from Home Style

Virtual meetings are the new norm for many but clothing that works in real life doesn’t always translate well to screen. Some tips to make it work best for you:


  • Small checks, pinstripes, polka dots, and herringbone as they can strobe on screen.


  • Busy patterns, reflective or shiny materials and noisy jewellery or fabrics as they are distracting and the focus on you is lost.


  • Lots of white as you can appear overexposed with no definition, therefore making you look washed out


A knit dress is easy to dress up and down and can layer with ease.



  • Matching the occasion: a button-up blouse or blazer for a formal meeting and a sweater, cardigan or plain long-sleeved top for a more casual dress code.


  • Solid colours in a hue that flatter your complexion.


  • Fitted rather than slouchy, oversized clothing which on-screen can appear sloppy or unprofessional
A more formal blazer works a treat.



Advice provided from Canberra Outlet Stylist – Tracey Davis Styling

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