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Simple ways to maintain your energy flow

by Evie


As we adapt to the new normal, we are learning more about ourselves and how to work with the tools we have available to us in our homes.

While yoga may not be everyone’s first point of call, there are some useful tools we can use to help us maintain our energy flow throughout the day.



The first, and most important yoga tool is breath. Breathing is the most important part of yoga and when we focus on our breath, it has so many benefits. It’s ok if this sounds tricky, I find breathing to be one of the hardest parts of yoga!

Focusing more on how we breathe allows more air to flow through our body (and oxygen to flow through our cells, tissues and organs). Our breath ultimately helps us to reduce stress and anxiety and helps us to focus more.

Breathing through your nose helps to lower your heart rate and helps you to relax. Try closing down your eyes, releasing tension in your face and breathing in through your nose for a count of 4 and then breathing out through your nose for a count of 4. Repeat as many times as you need.

seated breath

Photographer: Deejay Jukic (We Are Found)
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Legs up the wall

This pose is a great one to do, you don’t need any props, you just need a wall! Take a few minutes to settle into this pose and it will help to calm the nervous system. It helps the body to relax and also sends the blood flow and energy downwards to the brain! It can help with headaches, lower back tension and provide an energy boost! Perfect for any #wfh slump.

How to:

Lay down next to the wall (or similar flat surface), bend your knees and spin around so that your legs are facing up the wall, straighten your legs. Gently slide your hips further away from the wall so that they aren’t in a 90 degree angle (it feels better this way). You can also put a blanket or cushion underneath for additional support.

legs up the wall

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Rag doll

Feel like a simple pose to help relieve lower back tension and tightness in your legs? This pose is easy to get into and helps to relieve stress too! You’ll feel a stretch through your calves and hamstrings and you can let your neck and shoulders relax in this pose as well.

How to:

Stand with your feet hips width (or slightly wider) apart, fold down and bend your knees as much as you need. Hold opposite hands to opposite elbows and let your head and neck relax down. You can gently sway from side to side. Ahhh, I can feel the tension releasing just thinking about it.

Another variation is a forward fold (pictured here), fold at the hips and just release down. Find what feels best for your body at that time!

forward fold

Photographer: Kanishkai Iddawela

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Probably the most important pose in a yoga practice. It is the pose where you lay down, stay still and close your eyes. It is generally how you would end a yoga practice. Your body becomes completely relaxed, you release any tension and energy moves around the body to settle and rebalance. It is said that the pose helps to fuel the core, which boosts energy!

How to:

Find a comfortable spot, maybe get a blanket or pop on a jumper. Lay with your legs spread comfortably apart, with your feet turned out wide. Let your arms fall beside your torso, palms facing up. Close down your eyes and just breathe. Try not to fall asleep, but if you fall asleep, that’s also completely OK.


Photographer: Kanishkai Iddawela

Yoga mat: That Mat is Mine


I hope you are all doing well during this time and I hope that these help you to get through your day just a little bit easier and with an extra boost of energy.

Would love to hear if you have tried these, or let me know your favourite ways to energise throughout the day!

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Evie x


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