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Beginners guide to crystals

Okay so you’re interested in crystals, whether it be for spiritual, healing or general aesthic reasons. Where do you start? There’s hundreds of choices! If you’re just beginning on your crystal journey, we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. Crystals work with energy, they pick up and absorb all the positive and negative energies around them. 

We’re going to walk you through seven of the most essential crystals to help manifest your intentions and to start your collection. We’re also going to walk you through how to pick the right one for you, cleanse it of negative energies and use it.

What actually is crystal healing?

Each and every person has an energy field that can become blocked or unbalanced for a wide variety of reasons. Crystals all have a unique colour and vibrational frequency that connects to these energy fields of ours. By connecting crystals to our energies, you can resolve blockages, balance your chakras and transform and cleanse the negative energy into positive energy. Crystals can also help to strengthen our intentions and amplify positive thought patterns. 


Choosing a crystal

It’s commonly said that the crystal chooses you and not the other way around. Once you’ve done a bit of research and found the type of crystal that is right for you and your situation, trust your intuition when it comes to picking the actual stone. You’ll connect with its energy and pick the one you feel most drawn to. 


Cleansing your crystals

Just like your phone, your crystals can run out of energy too. There’s no set amount of time for when you need to recharge your crystals, just do it when you feel like it’s necessary. 

Cleansing your crystals is actually super simple and there’s a number of ways to do it! 

  • Invest in a selenite slab and place your crystals on it overnight. Selenite energy is pure and it doesn’t require recharging so it’s perfect for charging your crystals!
  • Leave them lined up in direct sun or moonlight to refill with positive energy – bonus points if you do this under a full or super moon. 
  • If you’re more into earthy vibes, you can bury your crystals in soil for 24 hours so it can recharge with Mother Nature. 
  • You can smudge crystals using Sage or Palo Wood. Simply hold it while you smuge all around the crystal. 


8 Essential crystals

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone, emitting a strong stabilising energy that brings your awareness into the ‘here and now’ while releasing feelings of negativity and insecurity. It’s a great stone to hold when feeling anxious. 




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Citrine is often referred to as the go to stone for manifesting prosperity. It’s colour usually has it associated with the sun offering optimism and light in its energies, protecting you from the negative energies of others.



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Rose Quartz

The original love stone, rose quartz, encourages love, mutual understanding and self-acceptance. It has a positive energy that betters all situations and supports its users.




Apophyllite Apophyllite

Apophyllite is the perfect stone for those good vibes around your house. This stone is great for soothing energies, cleansing the mind and ridding your body of stress. It’s a stone that helps to guide our inner selves and helps to release us from negative behaviours that no longer serve us. 



Processed with VSCO with av4 presetAmethyst

Everyone who owns crystals should have an Amethyst in the mix. Amethyst is believed to encourage self-control, release fear and anger, intensify healing or spiritual growth and eliminate energy blockages. 



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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’, acting as a deep soul cleanser to purify and enhance the body’s internal structure and surroundings, as well increasing awareness and clarity in thinking. Quartz stones in general are purported to enhance psychic abilities and helps attune you to your spiritual purpose. 


Processed with VSCO with av4 presetBlack Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is often referred to as the ‘protection stone’, assisting in purification and cleaning the emotional body of negative thoughts, anger or feelings of general unworthiness. It helps to cleanse and detoxify energy blockages within your body and your home. 



You always make sure your phone, laptop etc. are fully charged right? Well this applies to crystals too! Selenite is essential in keeping your crystals charged and vibrating at their full frequency, using its own pure vibrating energy to cleanse your crystals of all negative energy, and keeping the energy around it clear and balanced.


Not only are crystals great to heal your overall energy, but they’re beautiful to look at and have around the home to benefit everyone who lives there. There’s a number of benefits of having particular crystals in certain areas of the house, like a piece of rose quartz on your bedside table. 

If you have some crystal loving friends, you might not be surprised to hear about keeping small tumbled crystals in your bra for the day (then forgetting about them when you take it off at the end of the day!) or in your pockets to maintain the positive energies wherever you go. 


The most important thing when it comes to crystals is to trust your intuition, no matter how big or small the crystal its energy will be felt. 


*All photos from Cleanse & Co


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