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Our Top 5 Workout Apps

We’re hoping gyms will be able to re-open soon, but in the meantime, we’re really enjoying (trying to) work out from the comfort of our own home! There’s no pressure and you don’t need to worry about how red your face might be getting. 

Of course, working out from home without any structure can be hard, so we’ve rounded up 5 of the best fitness apps to help guide you!


Sweat with Kayla

BBG Queen Kayla Itsines brings you a jam-packed, sweat sesh of an app, that includes her original BBG program, as well as a number of other intense programs from other fitness influencers, yoga and there’s even a pregnancy workout program for all those mama’s out there! The app also includes nutritional information and a tracking system. You can try it free for 7 days on the IOS and Android stores, before you need a subscription to keep going. 

Couch to 5K App

Couch to 5k

Do you want to start running but have no idea how to begin? Do you try to run, only to get a few hundred metres and suddenly you’ve forgotten how to breathe? Get the Couch to 5k app! Commit 20-30 min, two to three days a week for a few weeks being guided by this app and you’ll feel like a pro runner in no time! It’s a one-off purchase of $4.99 through IOS and Android. 


Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club take the freemium app approach. You get access to a huge library of a variety of workouts targeting different fitness objectives and body parts, stretching and differing intensities from 15 – 45 minute workouts. If you subscribe to the app, you’ll get access to specialised 4-6 week programs and nutrition and wellness guidance. Available on IOS and Android. 

daily yoga

Daily Yoga: Workout & Fitness

No matter if you’re a beginner or a highly advanced yogi, the Daily Yoga App provides guided classes to help you learn the basics, before diving into more advanced classes and flows. With lessons from some world class teachers, there’s a lot to learn from this app. Subscriptions do apply and it’s available on both IOS and Android.



Need to work on building your strength or don’t know where to start? Freeletics will be the app for you. This app offers bodyweight workouts from as short at 7 minutes up to half an hour, and if you also subscribe for a ‘coach’ you’ll get a personalised training plan to help your fitness journey. Free with in-app purchases, you can find it on IOS and Android. 


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