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Becoming a morning person – it’s totally possible!

If you’re like me, you’ve always envied those people who get up in the morning and are bright-eyed ready for the day, when your energy doesn’t kick in until around 10am after two coffees. How can anybody have that much energy in the morning! If you’ve always wanted to be a morning person and get up earlier, it’s totally possible and it really doesn’t have to be a huge effort either! 

It might seem like bed is the cosiest place in the world when your alarm goes off in the morning, but there’s so many benefits to waking up earlier in the day – why do you think some of the world’s most successful people wake up in the ridiculous hours of the AM? Getting up earlier and having a solid morning routine can help to increase productivity through the day, has health benefits and by taking some extra time for yourself can affect your mental health too.

Sounds good right? Okay, so here’s how you start to become a morning person.


Have a bedtime routine

I know it sounds really simple but it’s actually not all about just going to bed earlier (even though that is important). 

Try to avoid having a large amount of liquid before bed, including no alcohol close to bedtime. Settle in with a nice cup of peppermint or chamomile tea 2-3 hours before you want to go to sleep to help you start to relax. It’s also worthwhile trying to avoid any sugary/processed food too close to bed, which is why the tea is a great substitute!

It’s pretty common knowledge that watching TV or scrolling through your insta feed before bed can disrupt your nightly routine because the blue light is stimulating. If you absolutely have to do this, consider wearing blue light filter glasses or turn off the blue light on your phone at night. This will help your brain stop thinking that it’s daytime! Try reading a book instead, have a lamp on your bedside table with enough warm yellow light that you can see without straining and read a chapter or two of a book each night – trust me, this will make you feel so much more tired than you think!


Don’t go cold turkey

Once you have the relaxing bedtime routine down pat, it’s time to start actually getting up earlier in the morning. I would recommend not going completely cold turkey (it works for some people) because you’ll crash hard by the afternoon. 

Over the course of 4-6 weeks, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each week until you reach your desired wake up time. This way you won’t shock your body as much and your energy will last longer throughout the day and you can also slowly adjust your bedtime as necessary to compensate for this change!


Have routine in the morning that makes you excited

The last thing you want after all of this effort is to wake up and not have a routine to look forward to. You’re doing this for a reason and it’s important to identify why, whether it be to get your daily exercise out of the way before work or to just have some time set aside for self-care each day. This about having time for you! 

This could be listening to your fave podcast, reading a book, cooking an amazing breakfast – whatever you want to do to help get set up for your day!


Check out our article of morning rituals to start your day for some inspo. 

Trust us, it’s a bit of effort but it’s totally worth it! You’ll thank us for it later. 


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