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5 heroes of a Makeup Artists kit

Makeup Artists have that kind of skill you wish came naturally to you. Their kits are always decked out with incredible tools and makeup essentials of the latest and greatest products and they know all the insider tips and tricks. 

Here’s 5 items you’ll find in every makeup artists kit:


Skin and eye primer and setting spray. 

Okay a little bit of a no-brainer, but this stuff is amazing! It helps to mimise your pores, reduces the chance of your makeup creasing around your face and most importantly helps your makeup stick and set. Without it, your makeup wouldn’t last the entire day/night.


Brushes and sponges

When you get your makeup done, it feels like they use a hundred different brushes on your face but they all serve a purpose! There’s brushes for your face, eyes and lips and they all help to create that look you’re going for. At a minimum just for your face you’ll want a kabuki foundation brush, blush brush, angled contour brush, tapered brush (for highlighting) and a  fluffy blending brush. Sponges are also a great way to blend liquid makeup, and they hold a lot of product so go easy on how much you’re looking to use. 


Eyeshadow palettes

Everyone looks a good look around the eyes. A neutral eyeshadow palette is a must have for any kit, followed by some brighter shades and a couple of shimmers mixed in for variety. 


An excellent brow kit

Gone are the days when eyebrows were never looked at, now they’re basically the most essential part of your face! You can get different shades in pencils, creams or powders and there’s a lot of variety in the types of shades you can get. You need to hit the right balance to suit any eyebrow you come to face and the perfect angled brushes to complement the product are essential. 

garnier micellar water

Makeup remover

You’re bound to make mistakes, it’s the way you fix the mistakes that matter! If it’s something you can work with, great! But it’s important to have a good makeup remover and wipes/cotton pads just in case you do need to take it off completely and start again. 


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