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From Little Things, Big Things Grow: Taylor Pitsilos

From Little Things, Big Things Grow – Taylor Pitsilos (Style by Tala & DOSE)


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the industry

My name is Taylor, I am a Canberra local and run two businesses within the fashion industry. I studied fashion business at FBI Fashion College back in 2012 where I learnt that fashion was definitely the industry I wanted to be in. I opened Designer Op Shop with my mum Sharyn in 2012 and after 5 years in Braddon we expanded into DOS Emporium. Here we have 12 local businesses with us as a collective group and we recently added in a boutique cafe, Emporium Espresso. We release a quarterly magazine called DOSE Series Magazine and we also most recently launched an online store. Once the Emporium was well established I felt that it was the right time to further my studies within the industry so I conducted a six month course on Personal Styling at the Australian Style Institute which I absolutely loved and my second business Style By Tala was born! 

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Can you walk us through the background of where the concept for this business started

The concept for DOSE was always in the back of our mind as our goal for expanding but we knew it had to be at the right time for our business and also in the right location. We spent years searching for the right space. We looked for an old but beautiful building, with charm and one that had great street frontage. We wanted to move out of Braddon because the rent was too high so we had our eyes set on Fyshwick in order to be able to expand with lower rent. We also ensured our business was well established enough to have our clientele follow us on the move. We loved the idea of collaborating with local businesses and giving them an opportunity to grow their small businesses. Together we create a boutique shopping destination like no other in Canberra. After the first year of DOSE, we invested in opening a boutique cafe which we knew would work so well for the whole experience of DOSE. 


What was the most challenging aspect you’ve faced in business so far

The most challenging aspect would have been the move from Braddon as DOS to Fyshwick into DOS Emporium. It was a huge risk but staying in Braddon wouldn’t have been a sustainable answer for our business with the goal to expand. We re-branded and spent about a year (very secretly) planning DOSE. It was certainly challenging but definitely worth it! 


And what’s been the most amazing experience

The most amazing experience would have to be seeing our business grow overtime but if I had to put it down to one thing particularly it would be our opening event for DOSE. We had an overwhelming positive response from the general public and we knew straight away that we had succeeded in our move. All the hard work and the unknown had paid off. A year later we had our first birthday event where we had a line of over 100 people to enter. It’s in those moments, we can never believe the support and love for our store, it’s extremely rewarding. 

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What do you think is the most important aspect of someone trying to find their ‘style’?

Finding your style can be somewhat difficult and is something that takes reflection, time and investment but once found is extremely fulfilling. The most important aspect of trying to find your style is ensuring you feel the best version of yourself. No one is you and that is your power which should be embraced. This can often be daunting and challenging for many people which is why a personal stylist can become your best investment! 


What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for someone transitioning from side hustle to a full-time business?

Be prepared to never work a normal 9-5, Monday – Friday day in your life! Running your own business full-time means you’re always switched on and often for the first few years you might be working multiple jobs. I worked for myself full time but had a part time job for four years before I was ready to fully work on my own. You also have to believe in your business 100%, continue to educate yourself and have determination to drive your business to success. 

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Quick Questions

Coffee/Tea :

Coffee but I drink both everyday 

Morning/ Night:


What’s on your bedside table:

My daily jewellery, an orchid, vogue, mini Trudon Candle and a neon lamp.

Book you are currently reading:

Can’t say I’m a reader unless it’s interior or fashion magazines or coffee table books! 

Favourite Flowers:

Anything white. 

5 items you in your handbag:

My phone, AirPods, lip balm, sunglasses and a scrunchie. 

Signature Scent:

Elae By Trudon 





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