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Home Style: Boho Coast

Do you love bohemian styling and have a soft spot in your heart for the coast? Then get the best of both worlds and style your home the Boho Coast way! Add a little bit of Scandi into the mix and you’ve got yourself a perfect aesthetic. If you want to achieve the perfect Boho Coast interior here’s how (with a few staple pieces to match!)


Commit to your colour palette

Bright bold colours are a big no-no here, it’s muted and natural all the way. Think of the coast? What comes to mind? Light and airy – base your entire theme on white and build it up with natural hues of beige and soft pops of pastel and an abundance of plants (real or fake) for those lush coastal vibes. Stick to natural timbers in your furniture in lighter wood shades or white to complement each other. 

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Get textural

Once you’ve committed to your coastal colour palette, start building up your textures to really bring out the muted space. Get some great textured woven baskets to display your plants in, or a gorgeous macrame wall hanging, if you have a breakfast bar, get some cute woven stools or get a woven rug and make that a centrepiece of your living room. Anything natural coloured or natural textures will really amplify the boho aspect of the home. Layering of textures helps to soften your space and create that laid back vibe. It’s the accents of these woven homewares that will help link the space together. 

Showcase your furniture

Boho Coastal style is all about a carefully curated look that gives off relaxed vibes. Your furniture needs to maximise your space, whilst avoiding all the clutter that can come with it. As a starting point, find a piece of furniture you’ve really fallen in love with and use that as your base to build around (you’re almost guaranteed that it belongs to a furniture suite!). Think of it like the hero – in the living room, the lounge will be your hero piece and in the kitchen, it’ll be the dining table – opt for the selections that can maximise comfort but also provides cosy and warm features. Fabric detailing and natural timbers are key to the Boho Coast feeling. 

Finish it off with a personal touch

Don’t go overboard with beachy cliche’s, you want your styling inspo to look effortless, not forced. Add your artwork to the walls in an uneven pattern to draw attention and hang them in light timber coloured frames, find those old seashells you used to collect and make them a feature piece on your coffee table or even find a candle in an ‘ocean mist’ style scent of coconut and lime to really bring the beachy vibes to your house. 

This aesthic is effortless and easy. Boasting crisp whites and complementary beiges, you can build up or lower the texture as much as you need. It’ll be the house that always holds onto the best of summer no matter what the season might be. To nail this look, we’ve been shopping at Freedom Furniture, Adairs and Provincial Homewares. 

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