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Tiny Creatures & Co: Tips on the ultimate party (for the adults)

We caught up with Mel from Tiny Creatures & Co, a local event planning company that unleashes creativity and takes care of all the little details of a party that can so often be overlooked when you try to coordinate by yourself! Mel gave us some advice on how to plan a successful party when you’re an adult (because sometimes a houseparty is so much more fun than going out!) Plus #Covid19 has really brought back the old dinner party. 

A Bohemian Backyard Dinner Party

  • What would you say are the three essentials to party planning?

Our three essentials are definitely a checklist, theme and budget. The first step to party planning is to put that golden list together, jot down everything you want at your party and turn that list into a checklist of everything that needs to happen to achieve it. Before you go full steam ahead booking every single vendor and posting out your gold foil embossed invites, set a budget – I repeat, set a budget! Not only will your bank account thank you, but it will also help you keep on track. 

Knowing your budget is also really helpful when you start contacting different vendors and they have different tiers of pricing. All of this is key in achieving the theme you want, once you decide on a theme resist chopping and changing. If you can avoid adding that one un-themed element you will be SO grateful when it all comes together, and the finished product is consistent and something worthy of your Pinterest board.

  • What’s the critical element that determines a successful party?

Knowing your audience, there is no point organising an elaborate dress up event if you know most of the people attending don’t like to dress up. A party doesn’t need to be complicated; food, entertainment and atmosphere are your keys to success. You don’t want your guests to be hungry or bored (and those two together will almost guarantee disaster). 

Ensure you have catered for everyone to have enough to eat, especially when a few cocktails are thrown into the mix – a super fun tip for cocktail parties is to serve a round of canapes later in the night around 9:30PM when people are ready to dance and keep the party going. Entertainment is key, it can be in the form of an epic playlist, a DJ or even some activities for the big kids! Both of these elements will link directly to atmosphere, are your guests having fun? Kicking of their heels to keep dancing? Yes, you have done it! You have nailed the successful party criteria.

  • When choosing the theme of your party, what should you focus on? 

Once you have picked your theme set your colour palette and bring that through your entire event. It is so easy to find a bunch of décor you love but once you put it all together it’s an odd mix of pastels, neon and chrome *sigh*.  If you can focus on a colour scheme and bring that through to your tables, menus and décor you are well on track to having one fabulously themed party!

  • What are the trending styles of parties for adults?

One of our favourite trends has to be parties with adult sized activities. There are so many events that are catering for the big kids, some of our recent favourites would have to be bright pink and peach coloured basketball hoops, giant white ball pits, personalised cocktail stations and even glitter stations (Did you see Juddchella?!). 

Epic themed installations are also trending, you don’t have to decorate every inch of a venue. If you can go OTT on a themed wall or corner with all the bells and whistles it can really take your party from zero to EPIC. Tassel installations, balloons walls and floral installations are a sure-fire way to stay on trend in the coming seasons!

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