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Coats, coats, coats – Deciphering the different styles

Coats are a wardrobe essential especially in the Canberra winter – there’s so many different styles for every season and occasion that sometimes it can be hard to decipher the difference and purpose between them all!

You might think they’re interchangeable but coats are not jackets and jackets are not coats. This is the real reason why:

  • Jackets are shorter, generally around the waist.
  • Coats are long, they can fall anywhere from mid-thigh to below the knee! Functioning as heavy duty outerwear. 

Here’s some of the more popular styles of coats you’d typically see on the shelves and what makes them different:


  1. Trench Coat

We’re sure when you think of a coat, a trench coat pops into your head first. Women’s trench coats are a timeless classic and every girl should have one in their wardrobe. A proper trench coat is generally waterproof so will keep you dry on those wet Canberra days, and their classic look will keep you looking elegant and polished. They’re the perfect transitional item for when the seasons are changing between Autumn and Spring. 

P.S faux suede trench coats are perfect for early autumn and spring. Yes we can feel the sunshine already.

Iconic- trench

  1. Overcoat 

The big sister of the trench – the overcoat is what’s going to keep you cosy and warm in winter. It’s long, classy and stylish and thick enough to keep the chill out. Pair this with literally anything for the perfect look. 

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  1. Evening Coat 

Evening coats are open to interpretation, but they’re the layer that completes that perfect going out outfit. An evening coat could be anything from a black blazer, sequinned jacket  or long velvet overcoat. It’s the piece of clothing that marries together all your clothing and blends in by standing out. You can literally never go wrong with a well fitted black blazer to finish off your evening outfit.

Forecast blazer evening

  1. Faux Fur Coat 

Do you want to feel like you’re being hugged all the time? Want something soft to rest your head on all the time? A faux fur coat is the one for you! You can get that super soft fur feel without any of the guilt! A faux fur coat will be the cosiest thing in your wardrobe. Plus bonus points for the FASHUN element.

Ally fashion - faux fur

  1. Peacoat

A peacoat is usually midi length and double breasted, meaning that it has two columns of buttons. It also has a signature wide collar and front pockets. They’re usually tailored and they’re the perfect office attire coat! 

Portmans peacoat

  1. Puffer Jacket/Parka

We live in Canberra. This is self-explanatory. But if you get a high quality one that’s made with down, you’re guaranteed to not feel the cold all winter! Our pick the MacPac Halo, shrinks down to be rolled in luggage but still offers warmth.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 4.32.26 pm

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