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Tiny Creatures & Co: Tips on the ultimate party (for the kids)

We caught up with Mel from Tiny Creatures & Co, a local event planning company that unleashes creativity and takes care of all the little details of a party that can so often be overlooked when you try to coordinate by yourself! Mel gave us some advice on how to create and plan the ultimate kids party!


  • What’s your biggest piece of advice to parents trying to survive planning their kids party?


Hire help! (Sounds biased, I know).When it comes to planning parties the easiest mistake to make is overcommitting. Trying to plan, organise games, decorate, cook and do everything yourself can create extra stress in the lead up and also on the day, it takes away from you being able to enjoy the party. I mean, what is the point of organising the party if you can’t kick back, relax and bask in the inevitable smiles from your kids.


  • When is it worth investing money into elements of the party?


I am a big believer in investing in the things you don’t enjoy doing or know you won’t have time to do. Invest your money in some entertainment, a party host brings all the games and fun, keeps the kids entertained and can offer a range of flexible packages to suit different themes, budgets and party styles! The party decor is always worth investing in too, whether it is balloons and cake, florals, or a themed setup, pick a focal point. 

The focal point creates a backdrop for you and your guests to take photos in front of and really brings the party together. The beauty is you can take the balloons or florals home and don’t have to worry about setting up or packing down. On that note, photography! Nothing beats a professional photographer, unless you’re one of those super talented people who takes amazing photos on their iPhone – for full disclosure, that is not our strong point AT ALL haha.


  • How can you make your kids party standout from the rest?


Have a clear theme and add personalised touches where you can. It’s often the smaller details that make a party standout. Custom labels on the kids goodie bags, personalised signage on your backdrop and using the colour palette across the whole event. It looks professional and brings the entire theme to life, it can make your event look really polished without having to invest a whole lot more time and/or funds.

Credit - Ashley St George

  • What’s the best games for kids parties?


We have never been to a party where the kids didn’t go wild over the piñata! Even the shyest kids get involved, you can also opt to fill it with goodies other than lollies. Just be sure to keep an eye on where that stick is swinging, face injuries do not make for a fun party. Limbo and Tug-O-War are also super fun games, great for bigger groups too. One of my personal favourites is ‘Toilet Paper Mummy’s’ try to watch that game and not laugh, I dare you!


  • Any trends we should look out for? 


We are seeing a lot of beautiful classics coming back! Think Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit with soft classic palettes, they do hold a special place in our TC hearts having grown up with the books. The whole Fiesta vibe is definitely here in a big way, and not just the traditional Mexican Fiesta, Candy Land and Personalised Circus themes are here too. Bright colours, Rides, Mega size games and Fun food carts. We are also seeing Pamper Parties become more popular will the 8-12 age group, you might even see us hosting a few…


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