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5 minute morning routine for great skin

Are you breaking out in pimples, looking tired and dealing with dry, flaky skin at the moment?

A lot of the time the dryness is due to weather changes, and of course hormones (fun!) but perhaps an over indulgent week on the chocolate and cheese or a bad or non-existent skin routine is the reason to blame (this time?)

If you haven’t got one, get into a good morning skin routine and reverse the effects of ageing and the build up of makeup before your face gets really irritated, sore and tired.

The best part – it’ll only take 5 minutes:

Wake up and wash your face while the coffee is brewing

During this time you should use warm water to splash your face and open up those pores, then use a cleanser to get rid of any dirt and grime from the night before (makeup would already be off before going to sleep, so this is purely just for excess and anything you’ve picked up from your pillow such as dead skin cells). Rinse and next apply your toner to control oil and hydrate your skin.

Following your toner you might like to use oil, or a moisturiser. Apply an even amount to your whole face and even your neck.

*Coffee break*

Now that your moisturiser has had a moment to settle in and nourish your skin, you can apply sunscreen for the day. VERY IMPORTANT. Even on a rainy, grey day!

This, including the coffee break only took 5 MINUTES! Easy peasy!

Now on to the fun stuff… do you have another 5 minutes?

Following the application of your sunscreen you can now apply makeup if you wear it daily and as you normally would. A quick bonus go-to for us is light foundation or a tinted moisturiser with a quick brow tidy and pencil (if needed), a dab of blush, slick of mascara, a touch of lippy and away we go…

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