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14 things I learnt in 2020

2020 was going to be my year… and probably everybody elses for that matter? I don’t think there has been a year that has felt both as long and exhausting or now feels so quick. But one thing is sure, out of the new normal (and fire and smoke), there has still been a lot to come out of 2020.

  1. Tik Tok – we don’t know where this came from and who asked for it, but can we get a hallelujah?! Hours of entertainment, dance challenges and video memes – sign us up… 
  2. Video calls – Even the most introverted of us this year realised that they missed human contact. With a large portion of people working from home, we welcomed Zoom meetings to arrange Zoom meetings and even spent our Saturday’s drinking online with our friends just for some human interaction. 
  3. Self-Care – Voted one of the most popular terms of 2019, it continued its reign and became key for 2020. With many of us feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than ever, it was timely to embrace more self-care and understand what that meant to each of us. Netflix, fitness, ordering in, baking – you name it. 
  4. The reduction of “Busy” – For far too long we’ve been too busy for almost everything. The glorification of busy has continued to rise over the past few years, but Covid-19 has begun to change this with the need to stay at home returning us to a slower and more relaxed lifestyle. 
  5. Mental Health – While always seen as important last year saw an increased focus with this and finding ways to help ourselves. There was an increase of people seeking out counselling and we really started to evaluate our values and needs.
  6. Importance of our People – hands up if your people got you through a hell of a year?! While they may always be there and some you may see every day you don’t realise the true importance of your core crew until times are tough or you don’t get to enjoy your morning coffee/sweat session with them. 2020 brought us back to basics and the importance of those friendships and the value they bring to our lives. 
  7. Fitness – Pandemic’s can make us do crazy things (Toilet paper fiasco anyone?!) but the rise in fitness since March last year has been phenomenal. Those people who had avoided exercise for fries were racing out to buy kicks for HIIT classes, ankle weights for pilates and hiking boots for the Centenary trails and we are here for it! We are putting this down to the reduction in busy and more time to spend on ourselves. Whatever it is fitness, is a great outlet for stress and releases happy endorphins and we love this for us. 
  8. Home – Our home has become more important than ever with more of us creating our own little sanctuary. The last 9 months have seen us pantry organise like a boss, complete all the mini renos and style up a storm as we spend more time at home. With the rise of work from home, most of us are also now the proud owners of a home office and slowly learning the skill of staying in the office and away from our newly organised pantry. 
  9. Change is as good as a holiday – With all these changes in our life, most of us have really started to evaluate what’s important and where our passion lies. There has been a rise in work flexibility offering more time to our side hustles and hobbies and we have seen the rise in people taking the leap into their passion projects, studying, investing in property and chasing their dreams for adventures interstate they were previously too scared to take. It’s amazing what a little discomfort can do to us. 
  10. Innovation – We don’t know about you but we have loved seeing our favourite businesses create new concepts/ideas in the face of Covid-19. Bake at home croissants from our Fav Three Mills Bakery, Online Gin tasting, Collabs with other brands to promote each other. It’s amazing the cool ideas that are created in times of crazy. 
  11. The Little Things, that are The Big Things – sorry for the sap, feel free to jump to the next one if you like but really celebrating that the little things are just as important, if not more so, than the big things. A high paying job is great but a side hustle that makes you beam ear to ear is better, slow mornings spent at home with the fam spending quality time together, your favourite coffee and a book. It’s reminded us the little things add up to big things and really should be celebrated. 
  12. Exploring Australia – while borders have closed on and off over the last year, our adventurous hearts have definitely opened. Trading our overseas adventures for local long weekends. Sightseeing in small country towns, beach days and enjoying local produce. Exploring nature on the back beaten roads and finding cool small businesses along the way. 
  13. Even more proud to be Australian – Absolutely this year has seen some not-so-great moments for our great country especially with the Black Summer but looking to the rest of the world in their response and outbreaks vs us, you can see we are really taking this pandemic and our rebuild seriously. Australia is one of the leading countries in reducing community transmission and managing the spread through contact tracing and we should be proud of that. We’re not out of the woods and we appreciate that there has been major impact on families and businesses but we’re hoping if we can continue how we’re going we will come out the other side stronger and more united. 
  14. Tiger King…. Need we say more.

Anything, that made your list that we missed… add a comment to let us know.

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